230 Food and Produce Pack for Itemsadder v1.9

230 custom Food and Produce for Itemsadder run Servers.

230 Food and Produce, a wide variety with countless recipes, farm and pick your produce, cook and craft your Food and Beverages. Multiple new Fruits and Vegetables, around 50 Drinks that work with Itemsadders Thirst Bar. Want to open your own Fast Food Restaurant, work your farm even more.


Pack Includes:

230 Food and Produce Texture png files
230 Json files for said textures
Multiple Itemsadder configuration yml files.
Multiple Categories preset.
List of Permissions.

Have a question? Contact me on Discord - sircraftypants#4875

Proof of Ownership: can be found on my PlanetMinecraft & Youtube Accounts.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing any of my resources.

Latest updates

  1. Corrected namespace gui category error

    Fixed namespace in category config.
  2. folder structure renamed to make it easier to add and furnace recipe added for bottle_of_water

    Made some folder name changes and added the furnace recipe for bottle_of_water to beverages.yml
  3. Recipe Update

    I've updated the recipes for the Ingredients Category to include the recipe item `Empty Packet`...

Latest reviews

Very fine and detailed work. The author is very helpful and tries everything to solve your issues. We are really happy with this addon.
Thank you for the support!
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