players elo and top elo players and factions

When a player enters it will be saved in the database with the defulat elo value set in the config.yml, losing elo the player will not go below the limit set by config, not even using the administrator commands. The el is calculated through an algorithm, this will make everything more balanced. it is important to make the plugin work correctly, insert the appropriate dependencies, you can find them in the DEPENDENCIES section. ALL MESSAGES ARE CONFIGURABLES ALSO THE TOP PLAYERS AND TOP FACTIONS ELO GUIs

REMEMBER - install mysql on your machine and configure credentials from config.yml

TEST SERVER: (1.12.2)
for any question you can contact me here in mc-market's PM or on telegram: @Kyumar_bot
  • a factions plugin like (SavageFactions)
  • SmartInvs for the GUIs
  • PowerLib for messages

%factionselo_elo% for the player elo.
%factionselo_factionelo% for the player's faction elo, if he don't have a faction, it returns "No faction"


  • No lag
  • Database included (Mysql) required
  • Supported with all versions
  • No bugs
  • No console error
  • Top Elo (players and factions)
  • Perfect elo system.
  • Messages configurables
  • Elo algorithm calculating
  • PlaceholderAPI placeholders

  • /elo - see your or other player's elo
  • /topelo - see top 5 players elo
  • /f topelo - see top 5 factions elo
  • /eloadmin add (player) (elo) - add tot elo to a player
  • /eloadmin remove (player) (elo) - remove tot elo to a player
  • /eloadmin set (player) (elo) - set tot elo to a players
  • /eloadmin reset (player) - reset player elo to default value taken from config.yml
  • /eloadmin reload - reload configurations

Latest updates

  1. PlaceholderAPI compatibility added

    Added placeholderapi's placeholders: %factionselo_elo% for the player elo...
  2. Cleanup

    Code cleanup.
  3. Cleanup

    Code cleanup.

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