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CoinsAPI for developers and server owners | With commands + Pay command | Editable messages
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CoinsAPI is a plugin for server owners but also for developers.
Remove player coins, add them or develop something with them.​


This CoinsAPI is not a normal API.
It has features that other CoinsAPIs do not have.
The most special features are listed here.

MySQL - All of the players coins are stored in the Database.
This means that they can be called up on any server provided the same Database is entered.

Commands - Commands to add, remove or reset coins.
The commands also work through the console.

Numbers format - The formatting of the coins is special in this plugin,
for example, the coins are displayed as 1.000 and not 1000.

UUID Support - The players are not saved in the Database by
their player name but by their UUID.
So it is not a problem if a player changes his name.

Editable Messages - All messages can be configured in the Messages.yml.
Including whether the pay command should be activated.

Placeholder Support - The plugin also supports the PlaceholderAPI. (%CoinsAPINB_coins%)

/Coins — Look how many coins you own.
/Coins [Player] — See how many Coins a player owns.
/Coins [Player] [add | remove | set | reset] [Coins] — Manage a player's Coins.
/Pay [Player] [Coins] — Pay a player Coins.
coinsapi.showcoins — See how many coins another player has.
coinsapi.editcoins — To edit the number of coins.
coinsapi.reset — To reset a player's coins. — To pay players coins.
coinsapi.checkupdate — To receive update Notification.

For successful startup, CoinsAPI requires:
  • Java 8 or newer.
  • A MySQL Databases.
  • A SpigotMC Server with version 1.8 - 1.18.1 (non cracked server)
1. Download the Plugin and drag it to your plugin folder.
2. Now restart or start your Server.
3. Now open the CoinsAPI folder in your plugins folder and enter your MySQL Database in MySQL.yml.
4. Now restart your server and check in the console whether everything was successful.
If so, enter the server and that was it.

Add Coins:
CoinsAPI.addCoins(p.getUniqueId().toString(), 50);

Remove Coins:
CoinsAPI.removeCoins(p.getUniqueId().toString(), 50);

Get Coins:

This is just an example:

public void onJoin(PlayerJoinEvent e) {
Player p = e.getPlayer();
CoinsAPI.addCoins(p.getUniqueId().toString(), 30);

if (CoinsAPI.getCoins(p.getUniqueId().toString()) >= 20){
   p.sendMessage("You have enough Coins.");


Before you ask for Support, please check all the steps.
Never use Reviews to report errors or ask anything.

Here are the Support options:
  • If you want to discuss with us don't forget to tag Neonn_Bukkit. Don't forget the discussion place is not a Support place!
  • For general assistance, Support and suggestions join our Discord.
  • PM'ing us on SpigotMC is also a way of contact, but it will make you to wait longer.
We recommend that you contact us via Discord.

By downloading and using CoinsAPI, you agree to the following Terms:

  • Use CoinsAPI on every server you want.
  • Attempt to decompile or deobfuscate the source code of CoinsAPI or its parts.
  • Publish to other websites without our permission.
  • We do not change the software for anyone, not even for an extra fee, it stays as it is.
  • Reserve the right to update the TOS at any time, with or without a notification.

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