[Deluxemenus] Holiday Rewards Advent Calendar Configs v1.3

In this pack are 2x Advent Calendars for Halloween and Christmas
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2 Calendar Deluxemenus Configs, 1 for Halloween and 1 for Xmas, setup to gift a player on a set calendar date, they can not be redeemed until the exact day or after. Each Day redeemed disappears once redeemed so no duping. Each day runs give commands, all you need to do is edit the give item commands and add your own commands for each day. all the dates are preset, all you will ever need to do is change the year, if using Notepad++, you can do that in one fell swoop by using the find and replace tools.

The way i do it is, i have my Advanced Achievements plugin give my Players the Permission to open the Calendar, when your Players redeem their reward on the last day of the Calendar, they are rewarded their last Reward, then their Integer is reset ready for the next Calendar and the Permission to open the Calendar is revoked. It's down to you to decide how you will gift your Players the Calendar open Permission but, the permission has to be awarded to the player, not the group they are in, as when the calendar revokes the permission it's from the player. Revoking the permission on the last day means the player can not claim rewards a second time after their integers are reset on the last day.

I use Luckperms to deal with Permissions so naturally the permission command is a Luckperms command but any Permission plugin that has a Permission Removing Command should do fine. Luckperms is free.

I use Heads Database Plugin for Custom Heads, see dependencies for this pack for more info.

UPDATE: Have now added non Heads Database Configurations for those who do not have Heads Database.






Make sure you download the latest Deluxemenu's Dev Build.
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Latest updates


    Changed the left click requirements so that unclaimed days can now be claimed after their date...
  2. Added Instructions

    Added Instructions file.
  3. Added New Configs

    Added Config versions for users who do not have nor want Heads Database.

Latest reviews

A very good Advent calendar, the author also helped me with setting it up! :)
Glad you're happy with it, thanks.
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