Survival Setup Professionals Configuration with 1.18 Cave Updates. 4.0.4

Professional configuration that makes you more comfortable with this setup.

Latest updates

  1. Survival Update - 4.0.4

    UPDATE 4.0.4 • Added Optimization to setup to make it much smoother. •
  2. Survival Update - 4.0.3

    UPDATE 4.0.3 • Added Leveled Mobs. •
  3. Survival Update - 4.0.2

    UPDATE 4.0.2 • Fixed Quest GUI to be neater than before, and reduced some unnecessary quests. •...

Latest reviews

Good server configuration! and very friendly support
Cube Developments
Cube Developments
Thank you ....
Great setup, works well, friendly owner.
Cube Developments
Cube Developments
Hahaa... Thank You!
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