Optimized Spigot Extreme Anti-lag and crash spigot optimization with version 1.18 - 1.18.1 3.1

Spigot Extreme optimization that makes your server smoother and anti-lag.

Latest updates

  1. Optimized Spigot Update - 3.1

    - Update Bukkit.yml - Update Spigot.yml - Update Paper.yml - Added Purpur.yml
  2. Optimized Spigot Update - 3.0

    New Update: - Change Version From 1.17.1 to 1.18
  3. Optimized Spigot Updated - 2.1

    - Added New Spigot.yml - Fixed Mobs Spawner - Removed Eula File, ops.json, etc.

Latest reviews

Professional setup, no lag at all
it's awsome, the response from the developer is also good, players don't feel lag, thank you
Cube Developments
Cube Developments
Thank you so much!
i used it to optimize the survival server wow it's awesome , server players i don't feel any lag or other problems the developer responds very quickly and enthusiastically
Cube Developments
Cube Developments
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