SimpleGemsLite | A new gems economy plugin [PlaceholderAPI Support] 1.0.17

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Add gems to minecraft! A new type of currency to servers!

- Fully customizable, meaning you can change the messages and settings of the plugin inside the configuration file.
- Light and efficient, won't cause any sort of lag towards your server!
- New type of currency. Put gems for rewards from winning events, crates, etc.
- .yml configuration for every player in a Userdata folder.
- PlaceholderAPI support!

# SimpleGems by Refrac
# Placeholders: (PlaceholderAPI placeholders work too)
# %player% - Get the player's name
# %gems% - Get the player's gems
# %arrow% - Get an arrow for a message
# %arrow_2% - Get alt arrow for a message
# %star% - Get a star for a message
# %circle% - Get a circle for a message
# PlaceholderAPI:
# %simplegemslite_balance% - Get the unformatted gems amount
# This will auto save all online players gems data in minutes
saveInterval: 5
# Set to false if you don't want to auto save WARNING: It is HIGHLY recommended leaving this option on
# if turned off it could cause a lot of saving issues like data might not get saved if the server crashes
save: true

  prefix: "&e&lGems %arrow%"
  no-permission: "&cYou don't have permission to execute this command."
  reload: "&7Config files reloaded. Changes should be live in-game."
  invalid-gems: "&c%player% does not have enough gems for you to take."
  invalid-amount: "&cYou provided an invalid amount."
  invalid-player: "&cYou provided an invalid player."
  not-enough-gems: "&cYou don't have enough gems to pay %player%."
  gems-balance: "%prefix% &d%player%'s &ebalance is &c%gems%&e."
  gems-paid: "%prefix% &eYou paid &d%player% &c%gems% &egems."
  gems-received: "%prefix% &d%player% &ejust paid you &c%gems% &egems."
  gems-given: "%prefix% &eYou've given &c%gems% &bgems to &d%player%&b."
  gems-gained: "%prefix% &eYou've received &c%gems% &egems."
  gems-taken: "%prefix% &eYou've taken &c%gems% &egems from &d%player%&b."
  gems-lost: "%prefix% &eYou've lost &c%gems% &egems."
  gems-set: "%prefix% &eYou've set &d%player%'s &egems to &c%gems%&e."
  gems-setted: "%prefix% &eYour gems have been set to &c%gems%&e."

# You can customize all the messages in SimpleGems!
  - ""
  - "&e&l[!] Usage: /gems"
  - "&e&l[!] Usage: /gems pay <player> <amount>"
  - "&e&l[!] Usage: /gems give <player> <amount>"
  - "&e&l[!] Usage: /gems take <player> <amount>"
  - "&e&l[!] Usage: /gems set <player> <amount>"
  - ""
  - "&e&l[!] &eYou currently have &f&n%gems%&e gems!"
  - "&7&o(( &f&oTip&7&o: You can get gems by doing &e&oevents&7&o! ))"
  - ""



/silentgems - Allows you to use gems commands in console silently.
/gems - Allows you to check how many gems you have.
/gemsreload - Allows you to reload the configuration files without needing to restart ever! (simplegems.reload)
/gems pay <player> <amount> - Allows you to pay other players (
/gems withdraw <amount> - Allows you to withdraw your gems in an item form. (simplegems.withdraw)
/gems take <player> <amount>- Allows an Administrator to take away others' gems. (simplegems.take)
/gems give <player> <amount> - Allows you to give someone gems. (simplegems.give)
/gems set <player> <amount> - Allows you to set someone gems. (simplegems.set)


All artwork on this page was created by me.

PlaceholderAPI Placeholders

1. Download plugin
2. Place the .jar file in your plugins folder
3. Restart your server
4. Enjoy!


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