Cobalt Theme for NamelessMC - #1 on the Market v1.3.1

The best NamelessMC theme - optimized for fast loading, supports all popular modules, and more.

Latest updates

  1. Cobalt Update - v1.3.1

    Changelog: Added store widget (beta) Updated Polish language (thanks Kuero) Fixed mobile portal...
  2. Cobalt Update - v1.3.0

    Changelog: Style improvements to large footer Added full-body avatar in some places (news...
  3. Cobalt Update - v1.2.3

    Changelog: Fix gallery module issue Fix settings reset issue - settings that don't save...

Latest reviews

Overall enjoy this template! After having issues with the Skyfall template the developer exchanged my purchase for this new one.

I overall am satisfied with the template, its easy to configure and offers new features. Am glad that it seems it solves the issue I was experiencing.

The dev is honestly very helpful and creates great work. Would recommend any of their resources any time.
thank you!
The template itself is very appealing, and fairly easy to use. I had some issues when configuring it's settings, but under normal circumstances, the support that is provided is sufficient. I like this template more than most I have used in the past.
Love this Theme.
Are you about to add support for the Socialize Module?
thanks, and yeah its on my todo list.
Best template for namelessmc <3
The Cobalt template for the Nameless Forum is the perfect solution for people who want a state of the art website but lack of the technical know how of how to build a website. The Configurability of the template is one of the easiest i have come across and that's coming from a person with 0 coding experience. The Developer is a very friendly person who makes a point to respond to any and every technical problem you may face as well as goes out of his ways to help you with stuff even thought that's not required by him. Would 5/5 recommend this to anyone who want to have an amazing website but doesn't want to spend the 100s of USD quoted by the professional firms out there.
wow, thanks so much for the glowing review, reviews like this really make me love what I do for a living :)
Great template! We're using it for the CCNet website and it looks awesome.
thanks :)
Just perfect... This theme is amazing =) Good job !
hot template hot template hot template
haha thanks
Really good looking template, completely worth it
Thanks for the review, glad you like it :D
easy 5 star, doesnt even matter that im staff. best template ive seen in ages

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