Ultimate SkyBlock | Beautiful, fast and complete! [BETA] 1.0.3

MultiWorld, borders, addons, stores, boosters, levelup, warps and more...
  1. Gameplay
  2. World management
  3. Other
Supported software
  1. Spigot
  2. Paper
  3. Sponge
  4. Other
Supported versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11
  5. 1.12
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.15
  9. 1.16
  10. 1.17
  11. 1.18
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Optional Addons:

SkyChest Addon - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/97335/
SkyQuest Addon - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/97339/
SkyVillager Addon - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/97340/
SkyItemShop Addon - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/97337/
SkyBank Addon - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/97336/
SkyDynMap Addon - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/97472/

Compatible plugins:
  • PlaceholderAPI - Optional for pulling placeholders
  • ProtocolLib - Optional for some functions
  • Vault - Optional for some functions.
  • WorldGuard - For Regions.

Coming soon...​

  • Multiple language system.
  • Advanced Addons System.
  • Multiple world system with Nornal, Nether and The End by permission.
  • Multiple template systems for islands, where you can add the same schematic in several worlds or exclusives.
  • Support for YAML and MYSQL storage.
  • Almost 100 island placeholders for external and internal plugins.
  • Bossbar, Title, Actionbar and json without external apis.
  • Beautiful and super navigable GUI menus.
  • Player promotion and demotion, where moderators can edit some aspects of the islands.
  • Command system to update the island where it recalculates the blocks placed and values with timer and cooldown.
  • Colored borders (GREEN, RED and BLUE) on islands with on and off option.
  • Lightweight and fast reset and delete system with "Action Queue".
  • Island point systems by placed blocks and list.
  • Advanced shematics (.nbt) that are faster and lighter.
  • Configurable and easy-to-create schemas.
  • Quest addon with daily or 1 time quest system with rewards in money, crystals, commands, exp.
  • Chest addon for island members in an organized way with on-demand loading.
  • Item Shop Addon for buying and selling common or custom items, with quantity and price limit and can use Money or crystais.
  • Voting system for islands.
  • pages with top islands by Votes or top Points.
  • Close and open visitation on the island.
  • System of
  • Multiple hooks for money like VAULT and PLAYERPOINTS.
  • Skin Cache to not overload the uploads.
  • Warp and name systems for islands.
  • Crystal system as secondary economy (they are bought, given or obtained with actions when mining, pvp and others...).
  • Island bank to store crystais (addon).
  • A levelup system where size increases, mobs and items drop, maximum members, warps, spawners and etc...
  • Cooperative, trusted and banned members system.
  • Individual member and trusted settings where you can control eg mob spawn, tree and plant growth, piston, water, lava etc...
  • Store for sale of islands with limited time and value.
  • Custom ores generator with booster.
  • Block limiter placed by island and world for eg spawners and others.
  • Custom chest for new islands with random items.
  • Reset and delete with cooldown time, permission and usage limit.
  • Downtime Island Purging System (configurable.)
  • Buy Booster for money or crystals to speed up drops, mobs, spawners etc...
  • Exchange of island biomes configurable by value and permission.


Player Commands: Aliases [islands, is, ilha, ilhas]
/island help - Show help menu.​
/island menu - Show island menu.​
/island go - Go to your island.​
/island visit <player> - Visit an island.​
/island info <player> - Shows the information of an island​
/island top <level|votes> - Open the top islands menu.​
/island shop (islands|home|items) - Open the island store.​
/island buy <player> - Open the island store.​
/island create (template) (world) - Show create menu.​
/island warp (create|delete|go) (name) - Open warp menu.​
/island bank (balance|add|withdraw) (amount) - Open the bank menu.​
/island quest - Open the quests menu.​
/island reset - Reset your island.​
/island delete - Delete your island.​
/island invite <player> - Invite players to co-op mode.​
/island join - Accept an invitation.​
/island deny - Deny an invitation.​
/island leave - Leave an island.​
/island kick <player> - Kick a player.​
/island booster (buy|clear) (money|crystal) - Open the island booster.​
/island biome (biome) - Open the island biome.​
/island chest - Open the island chest.​
/island levelup (buy) (money|crystal) - Open the island levelup.​
/island members - Open the members menu.​
/island promote <player> - Promotes a player.​
/island demote <player> - Demote a player​
/island trusted - Open the trusted list.​
/island trust <player> - Adds trusted players​
/island untrust <player> - Untrust of players.​
/island banned - Open the banned list.​
/island ban <player> - Ban a player.​
/island unban <player> - Unban a player.​
/island settings - Open island settings.​
/island border (toggle|red|green|blue) - Change the border.​
/island setspawn - Mark the spawn of the island.​
/island lock - Closes for visitors.​
/island unlock - Open to visitors.​
/island rename <name> - Change the name of the island.​
/island sell (value) - Open the sell menu.​
/island unsell - Remove island from sale​
/island update - Recalculates all island points.​
/island blockvalues - Opens the block value list​
/island vote <player> <1-5> - Vote on a island.​

Admin Commands: Aliases [uislands, uis, uilha, uilhas]
/uisland help - Show help menu.​
/uisland reload - Reload the plugin.​
/uisland delete <player> - Delete a player Island.​
/uisland reset <player> - Reset a player Island.​
/uisland setowner <IslandOwner> <NewOwner> - Set owner of Island.​
/uisland getmark - Receives island marks.​
/uisland givecrystal <player> <amount> - Add Crystal Items.​

Standard configuration files:
Easy API for Developers:
To call the API just call the instance.



Latest updates

  1. Update 1.0.3 (Improvements)

    News: Fixed bug in Addons startup and shutdown. Fixed bug in worlds height. Added to Addons...
  2. Update 1.0.2 (Improvements)

    News: Fixed IslandDeleteEvent triggering. Added new IslandExpandEvent event. Fixed loading of...
  3. Update 1.0.1 (Improvements)

    News: Fixed border size. Fixed external search for placeholders. Fixed commands for Addons...

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Gran complemento de Skyblock, con muchas funciones espero mas addons :3
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