『 ✨ The most extensive minigames server on the market! ✨ 』
If you would like to view the test server (1.8 - 1.17), the ip is: partygames.plox.best


『 Please note, one required dependency is needed for the setup to work at all! You are paying for the configuration of the minigames, not the minigames themselves! You can view this plugin in the 'dependencies' tab, and at the bottom of this resource. 』

Nowadays, many minigames servers are boring. They all contain the same old type of minigames, such as bedwars, kitpvp, skywars ect. This setup however, is one of the most extensive and most jam-packed and elegant setups on the whole of mc-market. Everything is ready to go, right away, and the only thing needed is the required plugin! (more on that at the bottom of the thread). It also includes more than 20 DIFFERENT minigames Can you even name more than 10? Each of these minigames also comes with at least 2 maps, already set up, FOR FREE- that is why there are over 50 maps in the whole setup. And that's not all, there are so many new and innovative features that make this setup stand out from the rest. And the best part is- the setup is entirely non-bungee- so only one server is required! So why not scroll down and take a look? The best minigames server is less than a click away...


Ah, I see. You are interested in this resource. I am not surprised. With countless features and cool plugins what is there not to love?


Ah, the main attraction. This is what players will see as soon as they log onto the server for the first time. First impressions count, so why not amaze them with a detailed, yet simplistic spawn for them to run around in and enjoy:​




I would show you more, but it would take up the entire thread! I guess you will just have to see for yourself!

What's the point of having a good spawn, if you don't have any good arenas? Luckily, this setup comes with three different waiting lobbies to keep your players engaged, even when they are not playing any of the minigames. Two of the lobbies even come with a bit of parkour, to give the players something to do while they are waiting!​







WOW, those look pretty good! I could have taken more screenshots of them, to show all the secrets and cool things about them, but it would just take too long...


So, this is where the fun begins. As I mentioned previously, this setup offers more than 20 different minigames. Each with their own maps, scoreboards, and configurations. There is a lot to cover here, so let's get started... Once again, these minigames will not work without the required dependency (see bottom of thread). But, everything is setup and will work as promised with this plugin!​

Right. I know killing animals for pleasure is wrong- but this is Minecraft- and it makes for a very fun and fast paced minigame. The objective is simple: kill animals to earn points, but watch out, killing the wrong ones will lose you points! Obviously, the map regenerates every game.​



By this stage, you should have seen that these are Party Minigames. They are not fully-fledged games such as factions or survival, but they provide a more fast paced experience. Anyways- this game is also very simple to play, a block will appear in your inventory, and you will have to move to that colour on the ground- else you are eliminated!​



Another colour themed game! Sorry if you are colour blind! This one is simple too, as you move, the blocks beneath you will turn to your colour. Your aim is to turn as many blocks as you can to your own colour. Obviously, the map regenerates every game.​



Who doesn't like bragging to their friends about how good their knowledge of Minecraft is. I sure do! Well- in this game you can earn those bragging rights for good. The object is simple- you have to craft the item that you are told to first to win!​


You have probably have never seen this minigame implemented on a server wide basis before. This gamemode is a dropper type minigame, except you are against a lot of other people and you are under a time limit to complete the map. Looking at those pictures below, you can see that these are not your typical easy levels...​




I could have probably come up with a better name than that, excecpt the title literally describes the game perfectly. You start your land of in a small part of the map, and you have to claim as much land as you possibly can within the time limit. Be careful however, you can only claim land next to your own colour, and you cannot claim over other people's land- so try not to get circled... Obviously, the map regenerates every game.​



Can you remember playing this game as a child in real life! I can't! Enough about me- this game is one of my favourites: you have to try and run away from the player with the TNT. If they hit you, they transfer the TNT onto you, and if you dont transfer it away quickly enough- you explode! Pretty fun, right!​


I bet you 99% of you guys reading this right now have never seen this minigames implemented into a server before- well I hope so anyways. This minigame challenges a person's speed and ninja like abilities to the max. Players have to try to cross to the end of the mine field, without hitting the mines (of course) .If they do hit a mine, it explodes and the player gets teleported to the start!​



I don't like to brag, but my aim in minecraft is quite good- that is why I enjoy this minigame quite a lot when it comes up in the cycle. In this aim-testing game, players have to hit far away mobs with a bow and arrow to score points. Whoever has the most points, wins!​


I may have said this about every single game so far, but this one in particular is very fun- and the maps are seriously cool. Once again this game tests your pvp abilities in minecraft to the max. Bows are one shot, but you only have one arrow. Miss, and you have to go in with your wooden sword. If you do kill your enemy, you do get another arrow- you deserve it :)





Mining away!!!! Ok, i'll stop now. This one is a great minigame for all you miners out there! In this game, you are given a few minutes to mine as many precious ores in the mine as you can- the more precious and rare they are, the more points you will get. Obviously, the mine auto regenerates itself every time...​



I know there are people reading this that are dying to get their hands on this minigame- and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed. These maps may not be the hardest in the world- but doing them in a few minutes makes them a little challenging, as a couple mistakes and you run out of time!​



Some of you who play hypixel party games will know, and love, this minigame. It is none other than the classic Pig Fishing game. The rules are simple: use your fishing line to try and hook as many pigs as possible into your net! Be careful though, one false move and you will be down there with them, and eliminated.​


Just by looking at the playing field down below, some of you will be very confused by this game- but do not worry- its incredibly easy and fun! The aim of the game, as the title suggests, is to punch, and therefore elimate, all the bats that you see! You are even allowed to double jump- how lucky!​


Another classic this one. Who doesnt love quake? A few years ago, I used to log into hypixel and play this game for hours on end- I even got the best gun! It was awesome, and now I am bringing it to you. The game is simple- shoot players with your gun to score points. The screenshots of the maps down below do not give a good representation of the number of hiding spots there are in these maps, they are massive- and these screenshots do not show that well. You can check the map list to view better pictures from the actual thread I got the maps from.​






This one is an old time classic. It was being played long before plugins were a thing. As old as it may be, there is no doubt that it is still an extremely fun game to play! The aim of the game is to break blocks underneath your enemy to eliminate them!​





The sister game to spleef. Not as old, but the same amount of fun! In this version, you have to shoot eggs with your shovel (yes, shovel) which break blocks! Your aim is to break the blocks under your enemies to elimate them!​







People were playing sumo long before it was officially called that. Your pvp and ninja skills will be tested more than ever before. The aim is simple- hit your enemies off the map- and dont get thrown into the void!​




Yes. You heard me right. This minigames setup also comes with a full fletched version of survival games! Impossible! Except it isnt. In survival games, you have to rush to the middle to loot chests to gain equipment to fight to the death. Do not worry if you dont get the middle chests, there are hidden ones outside the spawn area. This obviously includes auto regeneration of the battle ground, and auto refilling chest loot- so you just get to sit back and relax!​


Another classic game this one. If you are good at parkour, you will like this game a lot. Blocks beneath your feet are being destroyed quickly and constantly. How long can you stay alive? Probably a lot longer than me!​



Sort of like TNT run, except you have got a bit longer between block breakages. This one is a lot slower than TNT run however, and if you are lucky, you might never have to move! The aim is simple, random blocks will start changing colour: Yellow, Orange Red. After Red, the block is destroyed and you may, or may not fall!​




Ok, that was the long bit. But what gets displayed if a player wins a round? What about if he wins a game? Well. Thats all answered in this section!​



『Lobby Scoreboard』

『Waiting Lobby Scoreboard』

『In-Game Scoreboard』

『Finished Round』

『Play Again』

『Finished Round』

『Minigame Instructions Example』

『Won Round』

『Won Game』

『Achievements and ranks』

『Won Game』

『Eliminated from round』


Messages check. Minigames check. But what about the lobby features such as parties and trails? Coming right up!​

『Choosing Arenas』


『Creating / Joining Parties』

『Party Chat』

『Navigating the shop』

『Unlocking achievements』

『Unlocking celebrations』

『Main profile area』

『Profile Stats』


I couln't come up with a good section title here. Anything else that has not been mentioned will probably be here. Join the test server at the top of the thread to see all the stuff missing.​

I couldn't find a good way of viewing all the ranks. Here are the main ones. More will 100% be added in future updates.

Wondered what the server will look like in your server list? Wonder no more!

Basic tablist. Does the job :)

What a way to welcome people!


Before you continue, I would like to thank you for getting this far down the resource. This thread does not however give you every single last detail. I really recommend checking out the testing server mentioned at the top of the page, as what you see, is what you will get (after the dependencies have been installed) Also, every single map has been made so it is impossible to escape. However, I have done a lot of that by hand placing barrier blocks. If you do find a way players are escaping, patch it up, and notify me ASAP. Also, every single arena that needs it, has an auto rollback system in place which regenerates the map every time it needs playing. I recommend at least 5GB of RAM for this setup to run optimally. The folder that you receive when downloading this setup is a .rar - You need winrar to open it. Please message me to get an ordinary .zip if you need it AFTER purchase. Furthermore, you cannot use a server jar that is not 1.17!​


Very surprisingly, there is only one premium dependency that is required to make this setup work: Party Games (Latest version)

Please note, that this setup will NOT work without this plugin. The url is shortened so it does not take up the entire thread. Pleae view the dependencies tab for the direct link, but they go to the same place. If you do not want to purchase this extra dependency, please do not buy this setup.

You can download this plugin @: shorturl.at/jvCL1​


✧ You understand that this setup will only work between versions 1.8 and 1.17 (not 1.17.1)
✧ You understand that the premium dependency is required for the setup to function normally!
✧ You may not redistribute this setup in any kind.
✧ The price of this product may and will vary depending on the content and how it evolves- or if I decide I want to change it
✧ If you share or redistribute this setup in any form, we may be obligated to report your account to MC- Market, which might lead to your account and download access getting suspended permanently. Even though this will happen, I actually wont be that annoyed, as it will give the setup free publicity! (if you do decide to do this, at least give me a 5 star review first :) )
✧ No refunds, as such a digital item is not eligible for a refund as it was immediately accessible to you and you may have used it.
✧ By downloading this digital product you accept all the terms and conditions implied here :)
Crediting original
Credit to the map makers have been left as forms of signs which they themselves have placed throughout their maps- as well as in this document :) This setup would be literally nothing without these guys and their maps- check some of them out on their platforms! There are around 53 different maps. In the setup, there is a document containing all maps and links to their pages.

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OMG so amazing, It does take about 5-8GB ram but that is understandable, It is very well made and super easy to setup, I really like the product and I have given it 5 Star because it really does deserve it. If you don't want to make one yourself or just need a server to use i really do recommend this server. The support is super fast ad super helpful and i cant fault a single part of the process.
Thank you so much for this excellent review- it means so much to me! I am glad that you are enjoying it and are finding it easy to use as well!
the setup is great and when you also have the minigames plugin its really just plug and play. the whole setup works as promised. can definetly recommend
Thank you so much for this wonderful review- and I am super glad that you enjoyed using the setup and I hope you will enjoy the future updates! I would also like to thank you for suggesting the changes to the resource description!



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