Snowcloak| Custom scripted dungeon | Unique Bosses 1.14

Old ruins of a winter dungeon with 4 custom bosses!
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custom dungeon mythicmobs snowcloak

is a MythicMobs Custom Boss Dungeon that has 4 differently themed bosses that each have different abilities and 4 different dungeon mobs!
If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it.
My 5+ Years of MythicMobs experience has brought me to create one of the most efficient and player pleasing mobs to date!

You will also receive
✅ Professional Premium Support
✅ New Updates
✅ Fast Bug Fixes
✅ Map Included
✅ Works together with Shaldorn Keep


MythicMobs 4.13.0+
Minecraft 1.17.1+

Dungeons Plugin Supported (optional if you want the queue system and loot spawning in chests) [LINK]

Latest updates

  1. First 1.18 build update

    Fixes for 1.18 decimal errors in console Fixed targeter ring error on 1.18 Fixed Placeholder...
  2. Minor improvements!

    - Added a new potion clear mechanic when starting a boss - Viking Adds will be disappear now if...
  3. Sealing issues & few improvements!

    - Fixed Sealing issues on King of The North - Improved Frozen Halo hitbox - Lingering Ice now...

Latest reviews

Please make it support 1.16.5, thank you very much!
10/10 dungeon. This one tops it all, the best dungeon resource you can find on mc-market. The developer is a kind-hearted person that makes sure that you are satisfied with the product. Frequent updates and bug fixes. Revamping old resources he's brought out and even more! A purchase from this developer isn't a one time thing it's an investment in something that could become even better in the future. Would recommend 10/10
Thank you for the review!
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