[50% OFF] 1.8-1.18 | Y33T Security (Log4J PATCH) - Server security made easy! 0.9

Y33T Security brings the essentials of server security to your server for a cheap price!
Server Security Made Simple

Picture this: You are happy, you got a minecraft server with different gamemodes, good configuration and more... its your first server! and you just got bungeecord working, the grand opening is tomorrow. You leave the server for that night and feel exited for the grand opening tomorrow, but then you wake up and find the spawn made a big lava ball, every map destroyed and messed up... Holograms created here and there!
SOMEONE HACKED YOUR ACCOUNT, you change your password secure your account and fix the maps... you delay the opening and fix everything, you go to sleep again for the new opening, you wake up and its griefed again, you realize they somehow joined your server directly bypassing bungeecord auth, you dont even know this existed and you have no idea how to patch it, you feel demotivated and cancel the server!

This is the reality of a lot of small servers that never get to open, i figured out it would be great to make a basic security config for really cheap so everyone could get a chance to have a secure server... Y33T covers the basics of security and prevents most bungeecord-spigot exploits... you just have to drop everything onto your plugins folder... tweak one or two settings, reload the server and it will be protected!


Y33T Security Setup Blocks most exploits your server could face, here are some of the features:

- Plugin Hider
Prevents people from stealing your plugins!

- AntiGrief
Prevents most BungeeCord griefing exploits and more!

- AntiVPN
This prevents hackers from joining on many accounts after getting banned, it also prevents griefers from joining in a vpn and griefing!

- AntiCrash
This prevents exploits that would crash or lag the server!

- AntiBot
The best antibot with the best config! blocks fast bots, exploit bots, crash bots, spam bots and more

- Backups
If a mad staff or someone that got opped griefs the server dont worry, this backup plugin wont cause lag on your server and it creates backups every 6 hours, its as easy as placing the new backup

- Security Pin (paid plugin required)
If someone hijacks a staff account, this security measure will prevent them from doing anything unless they know the pin

For help setting up the config and more advanced sercurity contact Upioti#4878


- Do not leak the setup
- There are no refunds, chargebacking will get your McM account banned
- Do not resell this resource




Latest updates

  1. Y33T - v0.9 | 1.18 support and more!

    - 1.18 Support - Changed Plugin Blocker system - Patched Log4J Exploit - AntiCrash doesnt work...
  2. Added plugin hider

    Now people trying to grab your network's plugins wont be able to!



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