Cutscenes Show cutscenes to players! 2021-11-20

⭐ Record and show cutscenes to players

Cutscenes - allows you to create "cutscenes" for your server. The player is teleported to a set of teleport points and can receive chat messages, titles. When starting a cutscene, the player must not be more than 5 blocks from its starting point.

You can set a delay for each frame of the scene, add a confirmation text in the chat, which the player will have to click on to go to the next frame.

This way you can create a tutorial or demo for your server.

General features:
  • Ability to record cutscenes;
  • Total slowdown and delay for each frame;
  • Messages for each frame and confirmation with text in the chat;
  • Different types of cameras: normal, green, negative, split;
  • The ability to play a cut-scene using the region (WorldGuard + WGRegionEvents).

Commands and permissions:

  • /cutscenes play <name> <cameraType> <player> ( - show cutscene to player
  • /cutscenes record (cutscenes.record) - record a cutscene
  • /cutscenes record save <name> (cutscenes.record) - save record
  • /cutscenes remove <name> (cutscenes.remove) - remove cutscene
  • /cutscenes reload (cutscenes.reload) - reload configs
Due to the fact that cutscenes are played using packages, cutscenes in the client version other than the server version may not be displayed correctly.

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