SimilarMOTD (ViperMC, Astral, Holy, Velt, Battle & Lunar) [SRC] 1.0

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SimilarMOTD is one motd copy of ViperMC, Astral, Holy, Velt, Lunar, Battle or CobraMC
SimilarMOTD of PepsiDevelopment.

lm reload (in bungeecord for reload configuration)
lm.reload (permission for reload config)


Option of motd for your server:
- CobraMC [time and motd]
- ViperMC [time and motd]
- AstralMC [time and motd]
- Battle [time and motd]
- Velt [time and motd]
- Lunar [time and motd]
- HolyPvP [time and motd]

Plugin development:
- lRusian & Tr3xEmpire
Crediting original
lRusian & Tr3xEmpire
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motdcountdown :) :)
Yes, He never denies that it was not, it is only more edit and fixed some things in addition to optimizing it a bit and for that reason it is full of discovered codes.

If you could improve your reference I would appreciate it.
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