LinkNSync - Whitelist Plugin 1.0.6

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Making subscriber only servers easy.
  1. Protection
  2. World management
  3. Other
Supported software
  1. Bukkit
  2. Spigot
  3. Paper
Supported versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11
  5. 1.12
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.15
  9. 1.16
  10. 1.17
  11. 1.18
affiliate partner subscriber twitch whitelist

We have officially launched. Please note this is a SOFT launch.
Any problems should be posted in our discord.


This plugin is designed to help Twitch broadcasters that are part of the subscription program (Affiliate / Partner) maintain subscriber-only whitelists so they can focus on their content.

Requires use of the companion website; More information is provided there.


1. Place the Jar in your server plugins folder then start your server

2. Go to, add your server to our system, and then paste the token you were given into your Minecraft server.

3. That's it you're done, Give the url to your viewers to link there accounts, Enjoy


Permission: lns.connect
/lns connect <token> - Authorises your server on our system (Copied from our dashboard).

  • lns.bypass — Bypass the whitelist check. Being OP works too.
  • lns.connect — Required permission to use the "/lns connect" command.
  • lns.notify — Required to be able to see version and maintenance notifications.


1. Does /reload work for LNS?
- Short answer No, LNS doesn't like being reloaded. Always perform a restart when updating LNS. Almost no plugin likes being reloaded.

2. Can I use other whitelisting apps with LNS?
- We prefer that you don't as we will not guarantee it working. We also don't offer support for other whitelisting plugins.

3. Can we still use the Java Whitelist?
- As a matter of fact, yes you can. The Java whitelist acts as a bypass for all LNS checks. You can also bypass it with OP and the lns.bypass permission.

4. Will Geyser work with LNS?
- Sort of, You have to require Java logins for bedrock users, and you have to also get users to link their accounts from Bedrock and Java on the Geyser website. LNS doesn't allow users to login to allow in-game linking. So yes, while it does work, it is not 100% supported. Use at your own will.

5. How can we give feedback / Inquire?
- Our Discord discord can be located at the top of this post OR on our websites dashboard.

Please DO NOT use reviews for errors or support.
If you find something that is broken, contacting me through Discord will be a lot faster.

Latest updates

  1. Minor - Server info and Shutdown bug.

    Plugin Added build and server-based information for easier debugging when reporting an issue to...
  2. Major - Updates for your update

    Plugin We heard you like updates so we added updates to the update, Get version 1.0.5 to get...
  3. Major - Reconnect Fix

    Plugin • Fixed a issue where after a disconnect there was no way to reconnect to the sever...


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