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A simple, and easy to use chat plugin, without bloat!
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chat chat based custom free spigot
A basic, lightweight plugin, for any server!

HydroChat is very easy to use and configure! It has 4 functions. The ability to announce messages to the server, the ability to lock, and unlock global chat, and also to clear the chat.

This plugin was created to be a standalone version of many other plugins, but it gets rid of all the extra add-ons that you might not need. It's a very basic plugin - but dont let that change your mind!

Why should I use it?
Let's create a scenario. You're server is under attack by bots! They are spamming Discord links, inappropriate language or even racial slurs! You have no option but to manually ban all the bots (if you haven't got a plugin for this). Whilst you are banning these bots, the chat is still being flooded with all this nasty things, and it's affecting your player base! Well, not to worry! With this, its as easy as running /chat lock | And that's it! Prevent nasty bots spamming even nastier messages, with one simple command, and allow time to be able to kick or ban these pesky bots!

Clearing the Chat (/chat clear):

Locking the Chat (/chat lock):


Unlocking the Chat (/chat unlock):

Broadcasts (/announce, /broadcast, /bc):


This is the permission given so people can use the announce command.

This permission is the BASE permission for using /chat
This permission is for using /chat lock.
This permission is for using /chat unlock.
This permission is for using /chat clear.
This is the permission which allows users to talk whilst the chat is locked.

# Configure HydroChat Here!
# Support on this plugin is LIMITED!
# No Documentation (sorry!)

# Plugin Prefix is almost never used. Just in the /hannounce command.
pluginPrefix: "&bHydroChat&f&o >>&r "

# Sends if someone doesnt have the correct permissions to use the command.
noPermission: "&c&oYou have no permission to use this command! Contact an administrator if you think this is a mistake."

# This is for /announce s {msg} | It shows up BEFORE the announcement.
simplePrefix: "&7&l(&c&l!&7&l)&r "

# This prints the players name who locked, cleared or unlocked chat at the end of the messages.
seeWhoDidIt: false

# This is the message that's sent once the chat has been locked.
chatLockMessage: "&cThe chat has been locked by an admin!"

# This is the message that's sent once the chat has been unlocked.
chatUnlockMessage: "&cThe chat has been unlocked by an admin!"

chatClearMessage: "&6The chat has been cleared by an admin!"

# If the chat is locked, this message is sent to players who try to talk in chat.
deniedChatMessage: "&cYou cannot currently talk in chat, due to it being locked! Please wait for the unlock message!"

- You can not decompile plugins without purchasing source code.
- You can not refund / distribute purchases.
- Refunds are a one-off. If you choose to purchase the resource again at a later date, you won't receive another refund.
- You understand that by complaining on Spigot or MC-Market won't help me fix any errors or issues. You must either DM me on Discord, or raise an issue on the GitHub (if available).
- You understand these TOS may be changed at a random time, and you MAY OR MAY NOT be notified about any the changes (unless they are big changes).
TOS Last Updated: 18th October, 2021.

Do not leave bugs or issues in the reviews / comments. They will not be answered, and nothing can be solved through them. Please contact me either on Discord or through the sites PM service!


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