Christmas Gift - Free theme for Pterodactyl 1.6.x - Snow script, Color Customization - Enigma 1.2

Snow script, Color Customization, Adaptive
Christmas gift - Free theme for Pterodactyl 1.6.x


  • Modern and very beautiful design
  • Snow script
  • You can customize colors
  • Adapted for mobile devices
  • Very easy installation, which takes no more than one minute
  • Redesigned all design elements, even text fields, buttons modal windows, scrollbar etc.
  • Installation and configuration instructions included
  • Theme support and regular updates
  • Convenient to use
  • Customer support in discord
About snow script
The theme includes a ready-made snow script. You can change the number of snowflakes, or turn it off






Installing the theme is very simple, it takes no more than a minute. In the archive with the theme there will be a file with all the instructions where everything is described in detail. If you read carefully, then there should be no problems.

  1. The theme is only suitable for the official version of Pterodactyl 1.6.x without third-party installed themes, addons and other scripts. If you have any of these installed, we do not guarantee the functionality of the theme and do not provide support.
  2. One purchase of a theme applies only to one domain.
  3. You cannot share this theme, parts of its code, or any other resources that this theme contains.
  4. You cannot use parts of the code and other resources of this theme to develop your own theme or addon.
Customer support
If you have any difficulties with the installation, you can get help from our discord server:

Enigma production

Latest updates

  1. 1.2

    Fixed render bug
  2. 1.1

    Updated installation guide
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