Machines (1.13 - 1.18) - Create Custom Automation | Custom GUIs | Custom Recipes | Custom Actions 1.6

Create machines with custom GUIs, custom recipes, custom actions, and custom upgrades
  1. Gameplay
  2. Games
  3. Role playing
Supported software
  1. Bukkit
  2. Spigot
  3. Paper
Supported versions
  1. 1.13
  2. 1.14
  3. 1.15
  4. 1.16
  5. 1.17
  6. 1.18
auto killer auto miner custom chests custom crafting custom guis custom recipes custom spawners machines minions robots





Purchase the plugin on MCMarket
Download the plugin off this page after the payment succeeds
Drag the plugin into your plugins folder while the server is off
Start your server, use the videos and wiki to start!
/machines is your friend
As always, thanks for your support :)

Update Instructions
Machines REQUIRES that the server be shutdown before the JAR file is replaced in the plugin folder. Machines will not be saved properly if the server is running while the JAR file is replaced.

Server Requirements
Machines does not have any dependencies
It is recommended that servers have at least 3GB of memory​

Latest updates

  1. Major Save Fixes | Vault Support | Major File Fixes

    [+] Issue with removed machines and other removed features reappearing after reload has been...
  2. Recipes Viewer | Command Output Recipes

    [+] Added ability to view Recipes with /machines reference [+] Added Recipes Event for Processor...
  3. Duplication | Overflow Fixes | Hopper Fixes

    [+] Added duplication feature, duplicate any machine in the machines list menu [+] Added...

Latest reviews

Super dope plugin, having a current issue and being able to mention it in the discord and to be greeted by a friendly developer is always a good touch!
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