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  2. Survival Setup 4.3 (Beta 0.6)

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  3. Survival Setup 4.3 (Beta 0.5)

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Latest reviews


The server setup itself is mediocre.

The seller on the other hand is an unstable individual. Do not expect any updates. He has stated numerous times in discord that he is going to discontinue this setup. Someone leaked the setup and he reacted extremely unprofessionally. This problem that could have been handled quietly was discussed in the discord support channel where he expressed his rage and desire to f*** the leakers mother.

The setup was $10 when I purchased it last week, and I feel robbed. It has since doubled in price, and for what...

Buy this with caution
Leaker users are not respecting my works so i can do whatever i want to...
sorry for the inconvinience. :) #LeakersAreStupid
Really patient and helpful service!!!
After spending sometime on this, I have to say I am blown away.

In my first review, I gave my honest and open opinion on what i thought was a good product but was missing that something. After seeing the progression and the work put into this, I have to say I am very glad I didn't just write it off as a passing thing.

The amount of work put into this and the amount of work we keep seeing in this is nothing short of amazing,

Update after update, I'm seeing the improvements that are making me and my players happy. As critical as I am about how my money is spent, I feel it is worth more than what is being asked for it.

DON'T STOP THE UPDATES AND DEVELOPMENT, you have a good product on your hands.
Creativity ***
Ease of Use **
Customization ***
Value **
Support *****

Great value Setup.
Feature rich
Honest Creator

No Documentation on how to change anything.
Creator is not going to Update
Support although good have down graded

Now I'm not saying this isn't worth it because it is one of the best that you are going to be getting for the price point. It is but don't buy it if you don't understand at least the basics of how the features work or how they are working with each other. There is no Wiki or doc to explain anything . You are left to the mercy of a creator that is walking away from the project. Meaning your on your own for answers. Yes i would suggest it to someone if they understood how to work the config files. For totally new people i would not.

The amount of effort that he has put into this setup is ridiculous!
Quick support and always there to help you when needed.
Awesome setup and support!
Superb Setup! An Advanced Setup with feature rich content. Really nice support who are quick and understanding if you have any issues / questions.
Great setup
Really good setup. Great support and also lots of future plans.
An extraordinarily well-worked setup without problems and interesting systems, congratulations for the project!
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