Christmas Gifts - [1.17] - [Configurable] 1.17

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Allow your players to gift items to others, and open them on Christmas!

Allow your playerbase to gift each other items for Christmas, and other Holidays! Christmas Gifts offers a highly customisable config section which allows you to alter every single message & the dates of which the features will be enabled.



  • Send players gifts even while they are offline
  • Received gifts will be placed into the players gift inventory and can be accessed on and after the date set in config (Default Dec 25th)
  • Fully customizable configuration section which allows you to change the dates the features are enabled, this allows you to have more than just Christmas gifts!
  • Ability for players to toggle if they want to receive gifts of not
  • All gifted items will show who gifted the item, and the date is was gifted!
  • Operators will be able to access their /gifts, and others regardless of date set in config.


Player Commands

/Gift <player> - Gifts an item to the player
/Gift toggle - Toggle ability to receive gifts
/Gifts - Opens up your gift inventory
Admin Commands
/Gifts <player> - Opens up the players gift inventory (Requires "
cgifts.admin" permission)
/Gift reload - Reloads the configurations (Operator command)


sent_gift_message: "&bYou sent a gift to &c%player%"
receive_gift_message: "&bYou have received a gift from &c%player%&b, use &e/gifts &bto open it on Christmas!"
invalid_player: "&c%player% &bis not online"
no_player_specified: "&fPlease specify a player. &b/gift <player>"
gift_toggle_off: "&fPlayers can no longer send you gifts!"
gift_toggle_on: "&fPlayers can now send you gifts!"
player_toggled_off: "&fThis player has their gifts disabled!"
player_gift_inv_full: "&fThis players is full of gifts and can''t hold anymore"
no_permission: "&cYou do not have permission to do this"
no_item_to_gift: "&bYou must be holding an item in order to use the gift command"
join_gift_message: "&bYou received a gift whilst you were offline!"
gift_to_self: "&fYou may not gift an item to yourself!"
cant_open_yet: "&fYou may only open your gifts between &bDecember 25th &f& &bJanuary 5th!"
cant_gift_yet: "&fGifting is available from &c%enable% &fto &c%disable%"
configs_reloaded: "&aConfig.yml &f& &aPlayerGifts.yml &fhave been reloaded"
gift_open_date: 25-12-2021 #The date when players will be able to use /gifts
gift_open_disable_date: 05-01-2022 #The date when players will no longer be able to access /gifts
gift_command_enable_date: 14-12-2021 #The date when players are able to /gift items to others
gift_command_disable_date: 26-12-2021 #The date when players will no longer be able to /gift items to others



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