Advanced Perks | GUI and Custom Perks support | Citybuild Faction etc. | 1.8.x-1.18.x 2.1.0

Powerful system to enable per player perks to enhance the gameplay of your server.
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Extensive and Feature Rich Perk System:
This plugin bundles a huge amount of default perks and offers the ability of an easy way of creating custom perks.
The plugin has a gui for players to toggle the perks.
It also features two ways of saving enabled perks on a per-player basis:
1. With SqLite Database recommended when you want to sync enabled perks through multiple servers
2. With a File recommended when the setup only consists of a single server and perk synchronization isn't necessary


!Note Every command has full tab-complete support!

/perks - (permission: none)
This command will open the perk gui for the player that used this command.

/perks open [player] - (permission:
This command will force open the perk gui for the player that is provided as argument.

/perks toggle <player> <perk>
This command will toggle the perk from the player that is provided as argument.

perk gui.png

This is an example image of the perk's gui.
Based on which perks are loaded/enabled the perk icons might be different.

Example perk icon which has no effect when clicked, when hovered it shows information based on the perk
An indicator that the perk is activated by the player
An indicator that the perk is deactivated by the player
This will scroll to the next page of the perk gui
This will scroll back to the last page of the perk gui
This will disable all perks the player has currently activated
This will just close the gui

placeholder api.png

This plugin creates an extension for the Placeholder Api Plugin.
Using "advancedperks.<perk_identifier>" with a player as argument when resolving the placeholder it will return either true or false as string based on if the player has the <perk_identifier> perk enabled.

perk configuration.png

Inside the perks.yml you can customize the perks to your likeing.
< > means its a mandatory property that needs to be set
[ ] means its optional and when missing will result to a default value to be used
The configuration of a perk consists of the following:
<Display-Name>: The name of the item inside of the gui
- The description of the item inside óf the gui
- line by line.
[Permission]: The permission that is needed to enable the perk, leaving this default will mean that there is no permission required to enable the perk
- The worlds in which this perk isn't allowed to be toggled
- you can add multiple worlds to this list.
[Enabled]: You can set this to false to disable the perk (useful if you dont want this default perk to be available for player) the default of Enabled is true.
[Icon]: The item inside the gui that should be used for representing the perk (Full list of available items can be found here)


Permission to overwrite the global max-perk limit (can be used to allow donators to have more perks enabled simultaneously)
advancedperks.maxperks.<amount of perks>

Permission for the /perks open subcommand

Permission for the /perks toggle subcommand

The individual permission for the perks can be found and changed inside the perks.yml file.


Spigot from version 1.8-1.18.X any fork is technically supported
Decently modern CPU with 2.0Ghz+
At least 500mb of RAM

Proof of ownership: the first sentence

Please dont use the feedback section to post bug reports but instead contact me on discord Fabian#5582
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Latest updates

  1. Many different bug fixes

    Fixed some legacy bugs aswell as some misc bugs.


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