Multipurpose spawn area
File format
  1. Schematic
lobby spawn
Spawn is meant to be used for Factions, Survival, Creative servers or as hub/lobby area.

It's beautiful, practical and well made build. Spawn edges are built in a way so you don't need to worry much about terraforming around spawn area. Simply paste build using [//paste -a] and it's done :)

Things included:
- Designed spawn platform;
- Shop / info area;
- Crate area;
- Small enchantment and anvil area;
- 3 portals;

3D preview:
Extra pictures you can view here:

This build is being sold non-exclusively.

Dimensions (approximately)


(After purchase you will receive .schematic file, in case of any issues you are welcome to contact me)

Latest reviews

Excellent spawn for my small server. Thanks, will gladly buy from again.
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