Ghost Module for NamelessMC - SUPERCHARGE your home page 1.1.2

Turn your NamelessMC site's home page into a page similar to Ghost - cheap, easy, and ultra modern.
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Latest updates

  1. Ghost Module Update - v1.1.2

    Changelog: Fixed an issue with the language files To update, just follow the installation...
  2. Ghost Module Update - v1.1.1

    Changelog: Small fixes To update, just follow the installation instructions in the README.MD...
  3. Ghost Module Update - v1.1.0

    Changelog: Updated to NamelessMC v2 pre-13 Added latest posts widget To update, just follow...

Latest reviews

So far so good
Awesome module, was looking for something to replace the forum section of NamelessMC, and here it is ! The module was extremely easy to install, and posting/editing posts is also very easy and straight forward. I'd highly recommened using this module if you don't want to use the forum part of NamelessMC.
Thanks so much! :)
Good to use, and easy. But it will more cooler if I am able to post without picture required and allowing user to leave a comment
I'm sad that you left a 4 star review without asking me to add these things first... pretty sad 😥
One of the best NamelessMC modules in a long time, really makes my website look lots more clean!
Excellent addition to the website making it look 100% ghost
Posting a blog post is seemless and author was awesome and quick in making changes to the module to adapt to website looks. Best purchase on MCM
Thank you so much I really appreciate the kind review :)
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