[-50% OFF] Fairy Lands v4.0

High quality Massive PVP map,HUB,Lobby

Latest updates

  1. World has been fixed (A few chunks were glitched on the other one)

    A few chunks were missing in the other map, so I fixed it Enjoy! COORDS if you can't find the...
  2. The resource is now a WORLD FILE (no longer schematic)

    The resource is now a WORLD FILE (no longer schematic) I have received lots of complaints about...
  3. New render of the build

    Added a new render for the build :)

Latest reviews

Amazing and very cheap build! The only cons of this build is that the castle is empty, but it's not needed because of the size of the build, good work!
Amazing and outstanding build! Continue your work please!
There is a hole in the castle... Please fix this. I am sure it is not on my side as I have tried to re-download and paste it 3 times with the same hole in the same place.
You are right, it must be from MC-EDIT when I pasted it in the world, I'm gonna fix it right now, sorry for this, I didn't notice it, thanks for telling me :)
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