✿ Earth-SMP ✿ [Native 1.19] First Ever Premade Earth-SMP on the Market! Frequent Updates 2.1 (1.19 Native)

Native 1.19 | First Ever Premade Earth-SMP on the Market | Frequent Updates & Lots of Features
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  1. Survival
  2. Other
Supported software
  1. Bukkit
  2. Spigot
  3. Paper
  4. Other
Supported versions
  1. 1.16
  2. 1.17
  3. 1.18
  4. 1.19
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post your desire ads here, contact me StrikesDev#0723
Finest Setups is pleased to announce the availability of our Earth-SMP setup. It's as simple as dragging and dropping! and if you have any problems with the setup, we will gladly assist you until you are satisfied and happy.
Our Earth-SMP setup could be the first on the market. We've never seen anything like this on the web. So we're pleased that if you're looking for this type of setup, you've come to the right place! You can now get it for only $24.99 per copy! You are now free to use the setup after purchasing it! And guess what, that's not all! It actually has no PAID dependency! Simply follow the instructions or join our Discord server, and you're ready to go!

✿ Coins
✿ Essentials Custom Message
✿ Auction House
✿ Custom Enchantments

✿ Chat Games
Custom Resource Pack
Earth Map
Live Earth Map viewing (dynmap)
13 Ingame Ranks | Default, 5 Donator Ranks, Youtube Rank & 6 Staff Ranks
3 Crates
17 Custom Menus
Resource World (Automatic resets every 7 days)
Automatic Broadcaster
Always Centered MOTD
Lots of NPC around the Spawn
Entities Cleaner
Gradient Kits Name
Player Vaults
Discord SRV (Chat in-game using discord)
Player Shop
Force Resource Pack (Install resource pack in-game)
Land Claiming
Money Pouch
Vehicles (Custom Textured)
50 Levels for players
Random Teleport
Tab & Scoreboard Configured with Texture
Art Map
Moderator Feature (Banning, muting, etc..)
and many more coming weekly! expect frequent udpates!


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You may check more at our test server!

Contact: StrikesDev#0723​
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Latest updates

  1. 0

    Update v2.1 Added: 3 Custom Pickaxes (Volcanic, Ender& Drake Pickaxes) New Custom Enchants...
  2. Update v2.0.0

    Update v2.0.0 Hot Fix: Added Dynmap download dependency back Upcoming on next update (2.1)...
  3. v2.0 (1.19 Native)

    Update v2.0 Added Features: Finest Earth-SMP is now Native 1.19! Updated couple of plugins...

Latest reviews

Excellent Support
I love it. It is like an “one of a kind” setup. Very well made, the support is amazing. The dev is friendly. I highly recommend this setup
What can I say other then perfect!
Everything worked without an issue and support is very fast!

Hope to see more from this author.
The plugin developer is very responsive, and the setup is quite cool as is.
Keep up the good work.
Amazing setup, instant delivery, and the author responds fast! If you have any problems or questions, he'll get to you swiftly.
Man this setup is best setup in world and builds so op man Love from ME <33
Very quick help, and easy simple answers.
The premade itself is very nice
Almost INSTANT response to an issue amazing response time!
The best and original setup that I see never and so good support on discord :)
Great support and setup!
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