The Walking Zombie Pack 1.0

Zombies are everywhere!
The Walking Zombie Pack Background 1.0.png
  1. Weapons
  2. Other items
  3. Armor
  4. Mobs & bosses
Supported versions
  1. 1.16
  2. 1.17
  3. 1.18
File formats
  1. Blockbench model
  2. JSON
  3. PNG
  4. Other
Implemented with
  1. ModelEngine
  2. MythicMobs
  3. Other

What is this?​

  • High quality items and mobs collection for your minecraft server which uses spigot plugins "Mythic Mobs" in conjunction with "Model Engine" and lately also "Denizen"!
  • My mobs have custom models, animations and of course textures, so you get entirely new mobs on your server!
  • My mobs also have a MythicMobs configuration and high quality Denizen scripts!
  • And the last important thing, my mobs have their own custom sounds and items!

What do you get?​

  • Whisperers, they are acting like a zombie, but when they spot you, you gotta run. They are faster then zombie, quieter than zombie and also more aggressive than a usual zombie. Those killers have equiped two of custom items, which is Whisperer's Mask and also Whisperers' Knife.
  • Michonne's Katana, really sharp katana, which has it's own slice sound effect. So go slice some zombies.
  • Negan's Lucille, whistling is really beautiful in combination with this modified baseball-bat, just whistle a little and you will see the power. Also comes with it's own swing sound effect.
  • Daryl's Crossbow, ohh, come on! This is the crossbow with the largest number of zombies killed.
  • Whisperer's Mask, this mask is kinda stinky, but on other side it's really fricking protective against all types of zombies. The zombies are too dumb, so they will be ignoring you, when you will have this mask on your beautiful face. There is a special script created for a vanilla-like obtaining mask, when you take shears and Right-Click on a Zombie Head that is placed on a ground.
  • Whisperer's Knife, deadly knife of murderers. The handle is soaked in old blood, which means that when you are using it it can cause a headache or other nausea.
  • Commonwealth Armor Set, this set contains a 3D model of a helmet, and armor which texture is working only when using Optifine, which means that for its proper functioning you will unfortunately need Optifine. It has amazing protection against all kinds of zombies, there is only a small chance that they can bite you. Join to the Commonwealth!
  • Commander's Armor Set, this set contains of highly protective armor in red color. Texture is also working only in Optifine. Basically same as Commonwealth Armor Set, but has it's commander color.

The installation process is very easy! (detailed installation process is in package file...)​

  • Download plugin "MythicMobs".
  • Download plugin "ModelEngine".
  • Download plugin "Denizen".
  • Download add-on plugin for Denizen "Depenizen".
  • Reload your epic server.
  • Unpack, drag and drop mob pack into your server's files.
  • Do console commands "meg reload", "mm reload" and last command /ex reload.
  • Move all files from "ModelEngine/resource pack" to your resourcepack.
  • Enjoy your new mobs!

Need a help?​

  • Please feel free to contact me on my discord for any questions Kaertho#7634.
  • Test mobs by yourself on our

    test server:



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