HotbarSwapper 1.0

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Easily swap your hotbar. Extremely convinient.
HotbarSwapper is a simple but convinient plugin, which allows players to swap their hotbar, basically they have an extra hotbar! Works with permissions!

- Very light weight plugin.
- Be able to swap hotbar at any time.
- Fully customizable messages.
- In-game config reload with /hotbar reload


hotbarswapper.use - Access to /hotbar
hotbarswapper.reload - Access to /hotbar reload

aliases: /hb /swaphotbar

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HotbarSwapper does currently not support lores! This is a planned future feature!

- You are in no way allowed to redistribute this plugin.
- You are only allowed to use this on one server, if you have a network/hub server, you may use the plugin on every server within the network.
- You are not allowed to modify the code of the plugin in any way, if there is something you want changed, contact me in the discussion section of the resource.
- You are allowed a refund, if the plugin does not work for you and I am unable to fix it.
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