AdvancedWarps 1.2

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Organize your warps inside groups. Ideal for prison servers.
AdvancedWarps is a completely new way to organize your warps!
While this plugin does not fit for every server's needs, it sure would be a nice addition to some.
AdvancedWarps is NOT a remake of Essentials' warps, AdvancedWarps is completely different, see below! :)

- Create and delete warps on the fly!
- Fully customizable /warp command.
- Change all messages in the config.
- In-game config reload with /warp reload.
- You can change the delay before teleporting.


Keep in mind that you can make your own categories and warp names.
Add as many of each as you want! :)
Tell me if more pictures are needed.


advancedwarps.listwarps - Access to list warps
advancedwarps.reload- Access to /warp reload
advancedwarps.setwarp - Access to set warps.
advancedwarps.delwarp - Access to delete warps.
advancedwarps.warps.<warpname> - Access to certain warp. replace <warpname> with your warp's name.

Aliases: /awarp /warps /awarps
Aliases: /asetwarp
Aliases: /adelwarp /deletewarp /adeletewarp /removewarp /aremovewarp

Plugin Metrics:
AdvancedWarps uses Plugin Metrics to keep track of how many servers are using the plugin, and how many players are on those servers in total.
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[B][B][B][B][B][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(44, 44, 44)]  General:
    DelayBeforeTeleport: 3
    WarpFormat: "&7Teleporting to &c%Warp% &7in &c%TimeLeft% &7seconds. Don't move!"
    ListWarpsFormat: "&7%Group% &8[%Warps%&8]"
    ColorOfWarps: "&a"
    IfNoWarpsFoundInGroup: "&cNone"
    ColorOfCommas: "&7"
    ShowTeleportTimerEverySecond: false
    SetWarpNoPerms: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cYou do not have the permission &7advancedwarps.setwarp &cto set warps."
    DelWarpNoPerms: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cYou do not have the permission &7advancedwarps.delwarp &cto delete warps."
    ListWarpsNoPerms: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cYou do not have the permission &7advancedwarps.listwarps &cto list warps."
    ReloadNoPerms: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cYou do not have the permission &7advancedwarps.reload &cto reload the config."
    NoPermsToThisWarp: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cYou do not have access to this warp."
    AlreadyWarping: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cYou're already teleporting to a warp."
    PlayerMovedBeforeTeleport: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cYou moved, warping cancelled."
    WarpDoesntExist: "&7[&cWarps&7] &cThis warp does not exist."
    TeleportedSuccessfully: "&7[&cWarps&7] &7You teleported to &c%Warp%&7."

- You are in no way allowed to redistribute this plugin.
- You are only allowed to use this on one server, if you have a network/hub server, you may use the plugin on every server within the network.
- You are not allowed to modify the code of the plugin in any way, if there is something you want changed, contact me in the discussion section of the resource.
- You can only receive a refund, if the plugin does not work for you, and I am unable to fix it.

Latest updates

  1. Fixes!

    A lot of the plugin has been completely rewritten, to fix issues such as; randomly canceling...
  2. Bug fix

    This should fix a bug where teleports were randomly cancelled.
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