Pvp area, kitpvp map
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  1. Schematic
kit pvp pvp
It's well made pvp area with mostly flat surface (covered with barrier blocks, visible in pictures) for pleasant pvp experience. Map has been built in a similar style as my previous build (Spawn Angeron) so if you already using that spawn then this pvp map will perfectly match the theme.

This map features unique and very interesting environment for players.
There are 2 possible spawn areas.

- One smaller with little shop/info area and spawn point located near the pvp zone for quick respawns (suitable for kitpvp)

-And second larger spawn area (with little shop/info) more suitable as warp pvp for example for skyblock etc servers.

Extra pictures you can see here ↓ (click Imgur logo)
3D preview: https://sketchfab.com/models/2d9b8e94c4c3450fb66a995f3326f8ff
Video: Click here

This build is being sold non-exclusively.


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