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  1. Updates | 5.1

    ADDED Style 4 | 3 New colors on Style 4: Yellow, Gold & Green. (New styles are coming out soon)...
  2. New Resource Owner & TOS

    Atlantis Setups has taken over this resource. We have fixed and replaced the images on this...
  3. Fixed some text.

    Fixed a spelling error in style 5

Latest reviews

Really good messages, Easily recommended for anyone!
Vouch! Amazing resource 10/10 worth it
Awesome! Would buy again!
Loving the messages <3
Amazing resource! I like style 1 a lot! Especially for this price is amazing! LItebans + this messages.yml = perfection!
Looks amazing! I modified the last one to change the colors a bit, and it amazes people!
Glad your enjoying them!
Beautiful messages :]
Such a great resource! I purchased it yesterday after I sold my old MC Account! Style 4 works best for me, but, with the Aqua changed to Pink and the White changed to grey!
Works fine, messages look beautifull
Great work! Purchased it a few minutes ago.
Love the 1st and 2nd Style!
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