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This plugin is a continuation of the once awesome mcpvp-based spawn protection of jProtection.


This plugin is a continuation of the once awesome mcpvp-based spawn protection of jProtection. I have upgraded the plugin however also by making the selection of the spawn and such by cuboid and not a radius. Have you ever wanted a mcpvp-based spawn protection and everyone wants to charge you for it!? Look no more! BadgerProtection is brought to you by ~~ TheWolfBadger


By purchasing this plugin you agree not to redistribute, decompile, or use it for any other purposes but for installing it into your server. You have the right to use it in one server only. For using it in another server, please purchase it again. The plugin is as is and the upcoming features, along with bug support -- are to be provided for free. I reserve my rights to refuse support in case of incompatibility with certain plugins. You agree not to ask for a refund, unless I violate the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms, please do not purchase this plugin.


Yes, this plugin is on bukkit for free. You can find it at This plugin is the same plugin, however it gets rid of the BadgerProtection author credit message. So instead of your players seeing the following when they first join,

they will no longer see this since this version does not include it.


BadgerProtection.Admin - This gives the users permission to use the command "/prot".


./prot wand - Go into BadgerProtection selection mode.

./prot setspawn - Set the spawn for the command /spawn.

./prot cancel - Exit the BadgerProtection selection mode.

./prot complete - Complete the BadgerProtection selection mode if you set the positions.

./spawn - Teleport to the BadgerProtection set spawn.


TeleportDelay: 10 # (Seconds)
CheckRadius: 10 # This is the radius around the player it checks. If there is a player within this radius then they have to wait the TeleportDelay until they can teleport safely.
  GainProtection: '&7You have gained BadgerProtection!'
  LostProtection: '&7You have lost BadgerProtection!'
  PlayerHasProtection: '&7The player &d{PLAYER} &7currently has BadgerProtection!'
  PlayersNearby: '&7There are players nearby! You must wait &e{DELAY}&7 seconds to teleport!'
  PreventPlace: '&cYou can not break a block protected by &eBadgerProtection&c!'
  PreventBreak: '&cYou can not place in a Cuboid protected by &eBadgerProtection&c!'
  TeleportCancelled: '&cWarping cancelled!'

Latest updates

  1. Updates

    Version 2.0 Fixed a simple teleportation warp bug.
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