{FactionsTop} Beautiful F Top GUI [unmaintained] 1.0

The best FactionsTop config you'll find!
1. Install FactionsTop
2. Start your server to generate default configs.
3. Purchase my config (thanks :D)
4. Unzip the file provided.
5. Replace all the necessary files.
6. Make any edits necessary.
7. Start your server and enjoy


FactionsTop (by Novucs)
MassiveCore Factions or FactionsUUID
Basic Knowledge

I would recommend setting up a command alias, where /ftop and /f top run the command /ftopgui, because typing /ftopgui just to see the GUI is a pain. Also, if you want an awesome FactionsUUID config, check mine out here!​

Latest updates

  1. PayPal Fix

    Fixed my PayPal. Purchasing should work.
  2. Price Change

    Price lowered to $1.00.
  3. Update

    Fixed spawner count issues

Latest reviews

Dosent really work for me. Gives me normal faction top.
You need to set up a command aliases to make /f top do /ftopgui.
Very clean look, 10/10 vouch!
Very good config, works perfectly ;)
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