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A simple, yet detailed HCF road...
A simple, yet detailed HCF road

HCF Road Size ★
24 x 25

Instructions ★
Go into your console, after that go to these files:
Plugins > World Edit > Create a new folder called "schematics" ( if not yet already created ) > Drop the schematic in there
Do //schematic load HCFRoadForestFix ( Caps count ) and find the location in which you'd like to paste the road. Once you've found a place to paste it, do "//paste -a" and paste it in the correct position. Keep on pasting it up and up as long as you want it to go :)

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★ Contact me
Twitter: heyoitsdawn
MCM: Dawn
Skype: baenoodlesss

★ Extra Information

I provide small and free builds like this all the time! I'd appreciate a vouch or a good resource review would be appreciated, as always, but is not needed!
If there's a problem with the schematic or you need help with it, please contact me with the methods above!
If you'd like a custom build, please PM me on MCM and we'll talk something out :)

Donations are highly appreciated and allow me to do more of these free resources! Donate via PP w/ [email protected]

★ ToS ★
You may not re-distribute or re-sell this product
You automatically agree to these terms upon download
You may not claim this build as your own​

Latest updates

  1. Schematic Border Fix

    Went from a Cut Off schematic ( ) To a fixed...

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Awesome! Highly recommend this.
Thanks for the feedback.!
Great i love it, Hope you have a great late chrismas!
Thanks for the rating, really appreciate it! You have a great late Christmas as well! <3
Nice Road, Better then half paid roads and its free!
Thanks for the support, always appreciated!
Amazing! Loved it so much was really well built!
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