Professional Enjin Theme #2 v1.4

Simple and Professional enjin theme
--[ Enjin Theme #2 ]--
Create by TheHumax_
20% off if you pay with BITCOINS

The file will come with a picture step by step guide on
how to make the theme using enjin. LOGO is not provided!

The file will come with 2 folders containing the MENU and EXTRA codes that you need to copy onto Modules!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! :)

Extra Prices:
I charge $5 to install the theme for you.
I charge $7.5 to make all your pages for you!
$1.50 To change color
$5 remove branding

Its recommended to purchase one of my enjin tags to go with this theme.

Example of the theme:



[NEW] x6 Buycraft/Enjin Rank Icons $9.99


Latest updates

  1. Footer code update

    Updated the footer code. (Not needed for previous buyers just recommended)
  2. Updated the website footer!

    Updated the website footer + added some better steps to help install it!
  3. Updated the steps!

    Updated the steps so its easier to follow!

Latest reviews

A great resource as previously mentioned, plus TheHumax_ is great to work with and fast with replies. Thank you! :)
Theme worked great! Instructions were very easy to follow and use. Would recommend buying any of this users themes!
Thanks, glad you enjoy the theme!
Great website, really nice and clean! Easy tutorial to set it up. Just one question is it ok to change the extra code if you still keep your trademark in it?
As long as the trademark stays your welcome to change other stuff ;)
Great design, very easy tutorial!
Honestly, since he posted his first theme, I was tempted to buy, so, so tempted, but when he posted the second one, I lost it. I had to find out what's behind the code for a few things I couldn't do myself as a web developer, and me seeing the code, had made me understand how the little things can make a big difference, and that's what he did. He thought within and outside of the box. I'd recommend buying.
Glad you enjoy it ;)
Best web designer for enjin! His work is beyond fabulous and it takes less then 10 minutes to install <3. Will be purchasing more of you're work!
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