Minecraft Website Navigation Bar - FAITHFULMC LOOKS [FREE] 1.0

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Want a good looking navigation bar at the top of your page?

With our website template navigation bar, your website will look so professional, with your website looking good users will keep coming back.

Simply add the navigation bar to other pages by copy and pasting the code from the home page into the other pages.
- Images:
- TOS:
* Do not leak this.
* Do not resell this.
* Do not take the code as your own.
* As purchasing, you agree to the TOS.
- To Be Added:
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Latest reviews

As much as using the bootstrap navigation bar which is equally beautiful with already the integret css, this resource is really very easy to do less than 2min for someone who if known
Well, the reason I posted this resource was for the people who do not know how to code in the language of HTML.
Worst menu I've ever seen.
Literally a 4 year old could've written this. This could take me 5 minutes to write.
Yet, you still downloaded it, and you're probably using it. Also I made the resource [FREE] for a reason.
Very minimal styling and effort went into this resource. Anyone with 5 minutes to spare could make this.
This is horrible it does not have any code its basically just links in a line I am not even joking.... Fix this or it has no chance.
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