Enjin Tag Pack #2 (With PSD) 2.0

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A pack of modern, clean tags made for the Enjin platform. Includes .PSD.
Here are even more tags for those of you with Enjin websites!

I hope you everyone enjoys these as much as the last pack!

The font used in the tags is the Industry font, if you want to edit them yourselves with the same font you'll have to purchase it. If you can't purchase it, I'd suggest the fonts Bebas or Fjalla One as replacements.

As always, these are free to use by anyone who wishes, the only thing I ask is that you do not claim credit for them!

Need professional graphics or web development? Check us out at http://www.mc-market.org/threads/192058/#post-2100744 !​

Latest updates

  1. Added a version using the Fjalla One font

    This update includes a version of the tags that use the Fjalla One font, so users who haven't...

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Nice! Thanks for uploading these :)
Looks very nice! Good job and thanks for releasing this for free!
Thank you, glad you enjoyed them! ^^
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