PEXBuilder GUI 1.7

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PEXBuilder is an easy to use utility that can help you generate a permissions file within minutes!

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Welcome to PEXBuilder!

What does this do?
PEXBuilder allows you to load your permissions.yml file and easily edit the groups & permissions held inside! You can easily create, edit and remove groups, group permissions, players, player permissions and so much more.

How are the permissions collected?
Permissions can be added several ways. The reason behind having multiple ways to collect permissions is due to the lack of details some developers leave in their plugin.yml files.


  • When you load your permissions.yml file, any and all permissions will be added to the global permissions list from within your program. This involves user & group permissions.​

  • Dragging and dropping a plugin's jar inside the GUI. This will load any permissions & descriptions (If provided) from within the plugin.yml, inside the jar. If the plugin doesn't contain a valid plugin.yml, the plugin will simply not load into the list of plugins.

    • Manually added. You can easily add any permission to the global permission list by entering the permissions into the text field and pressing "add".​

If you need any support, join my discord!

Groups & Inheritance:

All groups are automatically loaded from your permissions.yml file. The permissions will be scanned of each group. If the group contains an inheritance key, your GUI will load the inherited groups, as well as groups that are available to be inherited from.

Video coming soon! I will record the video once I am home from my trip!

Usage Screenshots:







This program is still in early stages. There may be bugs and or issues. If you stumble upon a bug, you can join my discord and let me know!

Latest updates

  1. Stability Update

    REMOVED: - Login Screen - Ads - Redundant header ADDED: - Minimize Button TODO/In-progress: -...
  2. Slight optimizations

    FIXED: - Updated the advert webview to support the default system webview. - Updated the advert...
  3. API Updates

    FIXED: - Updated API to support newest Shulker Box API. (Logins, etc)

Latest reviews

I remember using this in the past, but it was a hassle getting it to work back then.

Its not working (again), as the app does not open when using OpenJDK. The error is as follows:

$> java -jar PEXBuilder.jar
Error: Could not find or load main class pexbuilder.PEXBuilder
I will fix this up for ya and have an update released soon :)
The application does not open
cant signup help it just sits there
I cant seem to be able to click any of the tabs other than Profile and Group permissions
You need to click "Open" or "New" at the bottom so it knows what permissions file to work with.
Awesome resource, doesn't deserve anything less than a 5 star review.
Wow thanks so much!
greatit just hard to open i wish it can open
Please contact me via PM or Discord!

Really cool, but it does not support big plugins such as WorldEdit.
You need to either message the developer to add their permissions to the plugin.yml inside WorldEdit or add them manually. Sorry!
Honestly Love this shit!!!!!
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