Fantasy Themed Waiting Lobby HQ Cheap 2017-05-31

A Fantasy Themed waiting lobby, good for almost any server at a cheap cost!
File format
  1. Schematic
build waiting lobby
★ Stripemend Builds
-- Project Mushroom | A waiting lobby --

★ Build Size
82 x 84

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Spoiler: The "UHC" sign can be removed and re-made. This project was origonally made for the use of UHC which I was planning on giving a friend which owned a UHC server.

★ Instructions
Go into your console, after that go to these files:
Plugins > World Edit > Create a new folder called "schematics" ( if not yet already created ) > Drop the schematic in there
Do //schematic load ProjectMushroom ( Caps count ) and find the location in which you'd like to paste the road. Once you've found a place to paste it, do "//paste -a" and paste it in the correct position.

★ Extra Information
At Stripemend, we provide big and small builds alike. Many of our resources and builds are free, which you can find under dawn 's resources!

With all builds, we provide help if you're not able to paste the schematic in correctly or if the file is glitched and isn't working. Please contact us via MCM if you need help <3

★ Contact us
Want to contact us? Please do! ( [F] = Faster Reply )
- [email protected] [F]
- [F]
dawn#6618 [F]
Skype @ Baenoodlesss [F]​
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