Prison Mine Pack and Letter Pack 1.0

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8 Prison Mines and D-Z Letter Pack
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  1. Schematic
Hi MCM. Today I'm bringing you a fairly simple pack of prison mines and letters to go with the mines.

My main reason for making this was the people who couldn't buy mines, but wanted to get into the server business. This is a great solution, and I could even set up all your mines w/ letters for very small pay ($5-10). But, this will be provided FREE OF CHARGE :D

Currently In Pack:
8 Mines
D-Z Letters

Coming Soon:
Spawn w/ A-C + Crates Warp + PvP
0-9 Numbers


Proof that it's mine, well. You can search all you want looking for copies, but I literally just sat and made this. Talk to Vice, he was on the server when I made it.

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