Server Polls - Poll Your Idea To The Masses! [FLASH SALE!] 1.5.4

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Poll Your Ideas And Get Instant Feedback On Your Server, From Your Players Today!

To Do List:

  • Add Auto Broadcasting
  • Add JSON Clickable Messages [Currently WIP]
  • Per Player Votes [DONE ADDED!]
All Purchases Are Final And NO Refunds What So Ever Will Be Given. This Is A Common Factor Across All MC-M Premium Plugins. You Must not Decompile This Plugin On Purchase Or At Any Other Point!

Latest updates

  1. Fixed a few typo's in the default config.

    Nothing big this update: Fixed a few typo's in the default config. That's it big update I know!
  2. More internal errors smashed.

    This update brings: More Internal Errors Fixed Minor Config Changes
  3. Forgotten Debug Messages Removed

    This Update Simply Brings: A removal of the debug messages that plagued the remove command!

Latest reviews

Amazing plugin! <3
Also, the plugin is free so edit your title/des or add a price c:
Thanks, It's free as it's no longer on spigot or being updated.
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