{PlayerDisguise} Hide Yourself [unmaintained] 2.0

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Allow players to disguise as another random user.
  1. Skript
disguise skript
An efficient way to allow players to disguise as others

This is a Skript, based on RandomDisguise. I tried RandomDisguise, but it is very outdated, and the disguise feature doesn't even work anymore. So, I decided to make my own.

This Skript simply allows users to disguise as a random username, with the command /disguise (Like MCSG had). It changes display name, tablist name, and the players' skin.

This also generates real usernames. That way it won't look so obvious the user is disguised. Rather then '05x4aY' you will get names like 'SWAGBOY400'

If you have any suggestions, please PM me them. If you find any bugs, report them to me via Discussion or PM. The review area is not for bug reports.

Skript (2.2v8 or higher)- https://github.com/bensku/Skript/releases
SkQuery- https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/skquery
ChangeSkin- https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/changeskin.21469/
Any plugin With /nick (Essentials recommended)

/disguise, /d - Use the disguise command.
/undisguise, /ud - Use the undisguise command.
/disguisecheck <player> - Checks who is disguised as who.

/d - disguise.use
/ud - disguise.use
/disguisecheck - disguise.admin

Latest updates

  1. Username Fix

    For some reason, the normal username generator isn't working, so for now it'll generate names...
  2. Overhaul

    This resource was pretty inactive, and actually broke for a while, as I never updated the PHP...
  3. Real Names

    This update makes disguising look a whole lot less obvious. Old disguise names used to be...

Latest reviews

Very bad skript, uses other plugin commands to be able to run. At least you could have remade the /setskin part of it all
grateful skript, something thats not easy to find anymore
Great Skript been looking for this for ages finally have it!
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