[Free] Buycraft Information Template 1.1

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A high-detail, custom Information template for all to use!
Heyo! Recently, I've decided to make a General Buycraft Information Template for you Buycraft Homepages and such if you're too lazy to create one for yourself, or just don't know what to include!


As you get a .docx document file, you are not able to copy and paste the PayPal and Payment wall pictures with the rest of the thread.

To find both pictures, click here for PayPal, and here for Paymentwall.

The terms for this will be included in the .zip file! And speaking of .zip files, file types include the 1 .zip file, 1 Notepad file to see the terms, 1 word/docx file to see the Buycraft Information Template.


The template will include different parts to change out, however, feel free to edit it to your liking! :)

Donations are highly appreciated and allow me to do more of these free resources! Donate via PP w/ [email protected]

Have a fun time with it, and hopefully, your store and server goes well <3

Latest updates

  1. Pictures

    As the file is a .docx, you are not able to directly copy & paste the pictures. Becuase of that...
  2. Features edit!

    Edited the description section of the document explaining that there's custom ranks and such. -...
  3. Information & Template Pictures

    Some information was edited to fix grammar errors on the thread ( The template should already be...

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Absolutely great resource! Would always recommend this dude!
Thanks for the support! Appreciate it a lot!
Very nice template! I use it myself and I'm very satisfied.
Thanks for your support, happy I could help <3
I like it :) thank you
Thanks for the support <3
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