[Free] Terms of Service for any Buycraft/Online Store 1.0

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A simple, yet highly-detailed terms of service document for any online store!
After looking back at this template years after making it, I realize it's really not that good and has very simple mistakes scattered throughout the template. It's highly recommended that you only use this if you have nothing else to use and you need it.

Ever wanted a free, high-quality and custom Terms Of Service template for Buycraft or any online store? Well, you've come to the right place :)



What will I receive with my download?
You will get a .zip file which can be opened with a program like winrar including two different documents. A Terms of Service document explaining what you can and cannot do with the template, as well as the template itself in a Word ( .docx ) document.

Donations are highly appreciated and allow me to do more of these free resources! Donate via PP w/ [email protected]
Please note:
This terms of service template is not made by a lawyer or attorney and is only meant to be used in very small Buycraft Stores. For most stores, it is recommended to use a double-checked, more detailed ToS. With this being said, should there be any legal, or other problems, I am not liable. For questions and concerns regarding this, please PM me.

Also, I made this when I was 15, please take into account there may be some grammatical errors, etc.

Make good use of the template ;)

Latest reviews

Lol, had to come across 1 while making a server!
I'm pathetic at English since it's not my primary language. This looks really epic lol good work man! I appreciate it! 5/5
Wouldn't use it, basic grammatical mistakes and not sure this would hold up in any court at least not if used in Europe.
Thanks! As stated in the document, it's not meant to be used in most situations and is highly recommended to use a more long-term, legally verified solution, not to mention I made this when I was 15.
Amazing, this helped me eliminate all chargeback attempts! time to go fight these cases!
Glad you enjoyed, thanks :)
Almost forgot to change [yourserver] but this is great
Thanks for the feedback! <3
Good Job. Thanks dude!
Thanks for the support!
this is great :D
Thanks for the review!
Absolutely great resource! Would always recommend this dude!
Once again, thanks for the support <3
Very nice template! I use it myself and I'm very satisfied and please remember to give the man credits :) No customer will look down on it and it is a nice gesture, when he even gives this out for free :)
Once again, thanks so much for the support! Glad I could help yah' out <3
Quality template! Too lazy to write out my own, so thanks!
Thanks for the support, glad you like it :))
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