VoteReward [1.7-1.13] [ 30% OFF FOR THE NEXT 5 BUYERS ] 1.2.3

The easiest way to create and edit VoteRewards!



VoteReward is the easiest way to create and edit Vote Rewards for your users.
This Plugin depends on Votifier


/vr help (Page) (This command shows you the help page.)

/vr add [VoteReward] (This command is creating a new VoteReward.)
/vr delete [VoteReward] (This command is deleting a VoteReward.)
/vr edit [VoteReward] (This command lets you edit the VoteReward.)
/vr setChance [Chance] (This command changes the VoteReward chance.)
/vr setDisplayName [Name] (This command changes the VoteReward displayname.)
/vr editItems (This command changes the VoteReward items.)
/vr testVote (This command simulates a normal voting.)
/vr info (This command shows you the info page.)
/vr reload (This command is reloading the Config.yml and Messages.yml file.)

Admin permissions:

VoteReward.* (/vr add [VotePacket], /vr delete [VotePacket], /vr edit [VotePacket], /vr setChance [Chance], /vr setDisplayName [Name], /vr editItems, /vr testVote)
VoteReward.Reload (/vr reload)
VoteReward.UpdateMessage (You get a message, if there is a new update for this plugin.)




1. Use /vr add [VoteReward], to create a new VoteReward.
2. Use /vr setChance [Chance] to set the VoteReward chance. (0.0001 - 100)
3. Use /vr setDisplayName [VoteReward], to change the VoteReward displayname. (Optional)
4. Use /vr editItems, to edit the VoteReward.
5. Use /vr edit [VoteReward], to exit the VoteReward editing.


Version: 1.09

#If you want to hide the Info-Page (/hpp info) set this to false.
ShowInfoPage: true

#If the plugin is unable to get the right Server version (e.g. Forge 1.7 modded server), set "SetOwn" to true and "Version" to your server version.
#Valid versions are 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.12
  SetOwn: false
  Version: '1.12'

#Set "ColoredConsoleText" to false, to disable the colored console text.
ColoredConsoleText: true

[FONT=Droid Sans][COLOR=rgb(44, 44, 44)]# The RemindingTime is the time betwean the RemindingMessage messages.
RemindingTime: 15

# If true, the reminding message will appear.
EnableRemindingTime: true[/COLOR][/FONT][/FONT]


Version: '1.09'
'[VoteReward]': '&9&l[&f&lVoteReward&9&l]&f '
  '1': '&9'
  '2': '&f'
  '1': You have to be a player, to use this command.
  '2': You do not have the permission for this command.
  '3': Try [COMMAND]
  '4': '&f&l[TEXT]&9 must be a number.'
  '5': The number must be between 0 - 100.
  '6': The VotePacket &f&l[VOTEPACKET]&9 doesn't exists.
  '7': The VotePacket &f&l[VOTEPACKET]&9 alredy exists.
  '8': You created the VotePacket &f&l[VOTEPACKET]&9.
  '9': You deleted the VotePacket &f&l[VOTEPACKET]&9.
  '10': You edited the VotePacket &f&l[VOTEPACKET]&9.
  '11': You saved the VotePacket &f&l[VOTEPACKET]&9.
  '12': Enter the &f&l/sv edit [VOTEPACKET]&9 mode first.
  '13': '&f&l[PLAYER]&9 voted and received the [NEWLINE]                    VoteReward
  '14': The Options is reloading...
  '15': Reloading completed.
  '16': Testing the VoteReward...
- '&9&l---------------&9&l[&f&lVote&9&l]&9&l---------------'
- ''
- '&9&lHaven''t voted today? Vote now: &f(LINK)'
- ''
- '&9&l---------------&9&l[&f&lVote&9&l]&9&l---------------'
- '&9&l---------------&9&l[&f&lVote&9&l]&9&l---------------'
- ''
- '&9&lLink: &f(LINK)'
- ''
- '&9&l---------------&9&l[&f&lVote&9&l]&9&l---------------'
  '1': '&f[&9Click to use this command&f]'
  '2': '&f[&9Next page&f]'
  '3': '&f[&9Last page&f]'
  '4': '&7&oPage [PAGE]. &7Click on the arrows for the next page.'
  '1': This command shows you the help page.
  '2': This command shows you the info page.
  '3': This command is reloading the Config.yml and Messages.yml file.
  '4': This command is creating a new VoteReward.
  '5': This command is deleting a VoteReward.
  '6': This command lets you edit the VoteReward.
  '7': This command changes the VoteReward chance.
  '8': This command changes the VoteReward displayname.
  '9': This command changes the VoteReward items.
  '10': This command simulates a normal voting.





If you have a problem or a question about the Plugin, message me first before leaving a review!

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2.3

    Added: + Support for 1.13.1
  2. Update 1.2.2

    Update for MC1.13 Backup your VoteReward plugin folder! Bugfixes: + I've also fixed some bugs :)
  3. Update 1.1.6

    Changed: + The Plugin Setup and Disabling + Plugin optimizations. + The...
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