Portal 3.2

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Easy to edit responsive portal template.
Portal is a barebones template made to rapidly create responsive portal pages for Minecraft servers. Setup is very easy, and only requires you to replace a few images, add some links, and modify a couple of padding/margin settings to get the site looking right for your icons and logo.

The template also includes floating particles with the jQuery firefly plug-in, and load animations with the animate.css library. The included logo and background are from my server, The Storm. The icons are from CraftTillDawn. The template uses Twitter Bootstrap for responsive features.

This template is very easy to edit, and only takes basic HTML/CSS knowledge.

If you need modifications done to the template I'd be happy to help, however I would ask for $10+ to do so.

Live Preview

Screenshot of template. Note that by default it's pretty plain/bland, especially with small icons.

Latest updates

  1. Add images

    Adds some new default images, also change to attribution.
  2. Fix particles

    Particles now go around the entire page, not just the top.

Latest reviews

Thanks <3
Thanks for this, it's amazing!
How do i use this?
Unzip and upload to webserver. Modify source as needed.
Good theme ! Update template ?:O
So... I paid $50 for a portal for nothing... just could've downloaded this...
I didn't create this until around August, so I had to create everything from scratch. Also your portal includes more than what this template offers (IP, tilting logo, online banner)
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