NickGUI Perk to change name color within a GUI! 1.0

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Adds a GUI in-game to change your nick color! Perfect for a donator perk!
A much easier way for your Players to change their Name color within a GUI! Perfect for a Donator perk in Buycraft!

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| Permission Node |

| Config File |

| Nick GUI Preview |
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More Color Choices (2-3 Colors left)

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Latest reviews

Great plugin for changing your nick color. But some configuration would be great.
(ie. Option for bold names, permission based colors, and a /nick reset or /nick off command like with essentials.)
I do hope you update the plugin.
Excellent plugin :D sadly some stuff isnt configurable
Good plugin, but it would be better to have editable messages. :)
Would recommend this to anyone with donator ranks :)
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