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Features of this plugin:

  • Drop packages every x amount of seconds
  • Similar to PUBG and H1Z1 style airdrops
  • Fits all types of servers! Factions, Prison, GTA, etc.
  • Gives player configured loot from configuration
  • Can set amount of rewards given to player
  • Set custom radius and world of the crate drops
  • Insanely customisable messages (colour, prefix, etc)
  • Very easy to configure - Supports commands for loot! Give keys, custom items and much more!
  • Set minimum amount of players required for an airdrop to start
  • Multiple tiers - from 1 to 420+
  • Many more features!

Version Compatibility:
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

Commands & Permissions:
Main command:
/airdrop, /aird, /adrop, /ad - brings up help menu if done alone

Sub Commands:
  • /airdrop help - Does the same thing as /airdrop
  • /airdrop time - Show the amount of time left until next airdrop
  • /airdrop location - View the current location of the airdrop
  • /airdrop forcestart - Force start an airdrop if you don't want to wait the next timer (perfect for testing)
  • /airdrop config (Variable from config) (stuff...) - You can automatically update the configuration file from in game!
  • /airdrop setlocation (tier) - Set the location of the current airdrop
  • /airdrop reload - Reloads the config file.

/airdrop - No permission
/airdrop help - No permission
/airdrop time - No permission
/airdrop location - No permission
/airdrop forcestart - airdrop.forcestart
/airdrop config - airdrop.config
/airdrop setlocation - airdrop.setlocation
/airdrop reload - airdrop.reload


# This is help for all the messages in the configuration file
# Doing this allows you to use commands like /airdrop setlocation & /airdrop config
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Time - This edits the amount of time for each drop. Recommended to keep about 31 minutes. Note: This is in seconds
# AmountOfRewardsGiven - Basically you can have 100 rewards per tier, but if you set this to a certain number it will only give them that amount!
# HelpMessage - message sent when they type /airdrop or /airdrop help
# VariableList - Message sent when they type /airdrop variablelist : Variables are like Time, 30MinWarning, NoPermission, etc...
# All the warnings are self explainitory. Min = Minutes, Sec = seconds.
# RandomWorld - This is the world the Random chest will spawn in
# SlotsRequired - How many slots should they have open to open and get the rewards from the airdrop?
# NotEnoughSlotsOpenWarning - Warning message sent that they dont have enough slots to get the rewards!
# RandomLocation - If this is false, it will spawn a chest in the set locations, if its true then it will spawn a chest with a specified cords
# x-border and z-border basically is your max world border. It will randomly spawn a chest within these cords
# airDropWinnerBroadcast - Message broadcasted when a players wins the chest : Use %tier and %player as varibles!
# airDropWinner - This is the message sent to the player when they win a airdrop
# airDropStartBroadcast - MEssage broadcasted when an airdrop starts.
# NoPermission - if a player doesn't have permission this message will be sent to them.
# ChestForceStart - What should be broadcasted when an airdrop is forcestarted
# LocationMessage - message sent when a player does /airdrop location & the airdrop is active
# NoActiveDrops - If there aren't any drops out, this message will be sent
# ConfigReloaded - Message sent to the player when they successfully reloaded the configuration file
# ChestClaimable - MEssage sent when they type /airdrop time and there is an active chest
# TimeUntilDrop - Message sent when they type /airdrop time
# SetLocationError - If they dont type in the /airdrop setlocation (Tier number) correctly, this will be sent
# invalidVariable - If they try to edit something from the config that doesnt exist
# sucessfulUpdate - Message sent when the configuration file was successfully updated.
# invalidArguments - If they dont properly type in /airdrop config (Varible(like a message) (stuff...) this will be sent
Time: 7200
AmountOfRewardsGiven: 1
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
- '&b/airdrop location &8- &7View the location of an airdrop crate.'
- '&b/airdrop time &8- &7View the time remaining until the next airdrop.'
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
- '&b/airdrop location &8- &7View the location of an airdrop crate.'
- '&b/airdrop time &8- &7View the time remaining until the next airdrop.'
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
SlotsRequired: 15
NotEnoughSlotsOpenWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7At least &b{slots} &7slots of inventory
  space need to be clear to open this crate!'
RandomLocation: true
RandomWorld: world
xBorder: 1500
zBorder: 1500
30MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b30 minutes&7!'
10MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b10 minutes&7!'
5MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b5 minutes!'
1MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b1 minute!'
5SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b5..'
4SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b4..'
3SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b3..'
2SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b2..'
1SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b1..'
airDropWinnerBroadcast: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &b%player &7has found a &a&l%tier &7crate&7&l!'
airDropWinner: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7You have found a &b%tier crate&7!'
airdroptartBroadcast: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7A &b%tier &7chest was dropped at &b%x1 %y1
NoPermission: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &cYou do not have permission to run this command!'
ChestForceStart: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &bThe airdrop was force started!'
LocationMessage: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7The current location of this chest is &b%cx %cy
NoActivedrop: '&8[&bAirdrop&8]&r &cThere are currently no active Airdrops =('
ConfigReloaded: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &aYou have successfully reloaded the config file!'
ChestClaimable: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &cThe chest is claimable!'
TimeUntilDrop: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7The time until the next airdrop is (HH:MM:SS) &b%time'
SetLocationError: '&8[&bAirdrop&8]&b Error: Invalid arguments : Please use /airdrop
  setlocation (tiernumber)'
invalidVariable: '&8[&bAirdrop&8]&4Error: That is an invalid varible'
successfulUpdate: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &aCongrats! You have successfully updated the configuration
invalidArguments: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &4Error: &cInvalid arguments for the /airdrop config
  [varible] [stuff...]'
    name: default
      x: 123
      y: 60
      z: 12
    world: world
        name: Diamond Sword
        - give {username} diamond_sword 1
        name: Diamond Pickaxe
        - give {username} diamond_pickaxe 1
CurrentLocation: {}

More Images of this Plugin:

Upon issuing /airdrop forcestart


When command /airdrop or /airdrop help is issued


/airdrop location


Checking the time until next airdrop - /airdrop time

All messages can be changed to your liking within the configuration file.

What is included with your purchase?
  • The JAR file for Airdrops
  • My support on any issues you may have with this (just PM me or comment in my thread)
  • All future updates - Bug fixes, improvements from your suggestions, etc

Latest updates

  1. Added help notes in config

    Added some notes in the configuration to help users configure the plugin. If you already have...
  2. Fixed an error

    Just fixed an error that would periodically pop up in console.
  3. Updated default config

    I have just updated the default config to include notes on the minplayers options.

Latest reviews

Very good plugin, 10/10. Deny is a great author
Plugin is semi-functional, but the developer is completely unresponsive. I've asked for help several times via PM, and haven't heard back in over 2 months. Wouldn't recommend spending the money, no matter how low the price. I left a review stating that I'd come back and write a better review for support, and still didn't get any response. I offered to pay an additional $20 to have the issue resolved, and to have a small feature added. No response.

While the plugin does seem to function somewhat, the NPE console spam is ridiculous, and the lack of some common-sense substitutions detracts from the value of the plugin.



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