Fully Configurable FFA plugin [MYSQL REQUIRED] 1.0

Full configureable FFA plugin.


Hey all, today I'm presenting to you my fully configurable FFA plugin. Every message/almost every feature is configurable, death messages, the message when you hit a bow shot on someone, the message when you save your kit, etc. To go more in depth about what's configurable and what's not here's a list.

- Armor (the armor they recieve when they join the server), you can configure the enchantment level of protection & alongside what type of armor i.e IRON_HELMET, DIAMOND_HELMET, etc.

- The default kit, to set the default kit just type /inventory ingame and paste the output into the config field. This excludes armor, and is basically the items they receive in their inventory when they join the server. (Put all the contents that you want them to recieve in your hotbar and do /inventory https://gyazo.com/2815fecbeb0822abc18d0fc7c1323ca8)

- Sidebar, you can also configure the color of the sidebar (what color you want it to be), along with the sidebar title & footer. Beware, there is a character limit for sidebars so make sure you don't exceed it.

- Locations, pretty simple, allows you to configure the location where the player will be spawned in.

- Messages, just allows you to configure basically every message sent to the player. Including the /kt (killtop) format to get the top 10 killers on top of /dt (deathtop) to get the top 10 people who died the most. You can also configure the bow hit message,
the death message, death by fall message & the savekit message and the entity clearance message.

(the config)

I can provide more if wanted.

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