REWARDS - Mining, Fishing & Killings customisable rewards! 6.2

Gives players rewards for mining, fishing or killing!

More than 40 purchases on MC-Market!
(4.75 star average)
This plugin is highly configurable, allowing you to dictate and modify the resource to best suit your specific server needs. Add an unlimited amount of rewards for each block, item or entity.

The configuration layout makes adding new rewards effortless. Rewards are executed via command, meaning this is compatible with almost any plugin!


- Fully configurable
- Easy to use
- Lightweight / Efficient & very (if any) minimal lag
- Command rewards - Compatible with almost any plugin
- Permissions per rewards - meaning only certain ranks will receive the reward
- WorldGuard support - Rewards will only activate in certain regions specified
- Ability to disable any option - simply leave it blank!
- Double percentage support, for the smallest of decimal percentages
- Full developer support & user feature implementation
- In-game reload command (/rndReload - rndrewards.reload)



Be sure to check out this thread: for additional information!


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Latest updates

  1. Allow rewards to active in all regions

    Allow rewards to active in all regions without stating each individual one. apply it as...
  2. Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where a blank message would send to the user if nothing was entered in the config...
  3. WorldGuard support

    Enable specific rewards only when in certain regions, defined in the config. EXAMPLE USAGE...

Latest reviews

Amazing plugin, amazing developer, I have requested multiple things to be added and he has added it super quick, I had had issues with the plugin however he has fixed the issues within 10minutes, I definally recommend this plugin if your looking for a miningreward plugin
Great plugin but the chances are broken. At %1 and %0.10 I was getting rewards like %90.
Amazing plugin! <3 :D
No idea why it's this cheap its amazing super easy to use and setup keeps players happy and active imo its worth 20-30 dollars
Thank you for the review! :)
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