Player Logger || Logs information about Players on your server. v1.0

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Have you ever wanted to check info on players that have joined your server? Well now you can!!

Welcome to Player Logger. This plugin will log a bunch of information about players. It logs Players name, UUID, IP, Time Played, Date Joined, Last Seen, And more. This plugin allows players to check there own log so that they know some info about them.


Useful Information:
- Players UUID
- Players Last known Name
- Players IP
- Join Date
- Last Seen Date
- Time Played
- Number of Player Kills
- Number of Deaths
- Times Kicked

Goofy Information:
- Number of sticks made
- Steps Taken
- Times the Player has Twerked (Crouched)


⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊ Logger.Access ⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋

/Logger - View your info the server has on you.
/Logger Help - Information about Logger.
/Logger More - View your goofy info the server has on you.

⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊⬊ Logger.Admin ⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋⬋
/Logger Check <Player> - View Info on that Player.
/Logger Check <Player> More - View the goofy info on a Player.
/Logger Reload - Reload the Config.yml and Data.yml.


- Add more Things to Log.
- Please leave your suggestions in the Discussions Tab.
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